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I like my new studio!

Guest Dancing Duranie

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Guest Dancing Duranie

After the DRAMA of last Tuesday night this new studio is so refreshing. Tonight was pointe class, and unlike the other studio where I was attending and basically told that everything I did sucked, I was complimented on my feet and turn-out. The girls in this studio are really nice, even though they've went to the DEA regionals and won first place the last two years (and some have won first place at the nationals in solo dances).


We were doing chainee, chainee, pique, pique, (repeat) across the floor one by one en pointe and when I was doing mine one of the girls just out of the blue said, "omg, look how graceful she is!" I stopped and was like, "what?" I felt like a bumbling idiot but I guess I was doing something right.


Afterwards, they were rehearsing their lyrical/modern piece and a really nifty jazz routine. They kept telling me that I should dance it with them. The teacher came up to me and told me I could dance in the pointe piece, the lyrical/modern piece, the jazz piece, and the tap piece if I wanted to for the recital in May. I was like, "dude, this is only my second class!" She told me she could tell the training I've had (despite the five years off) and that by recital time I would be whipped back into shape. So I told her I was interested in doing the pointe, lyrical/modern, and jazz numbers. So I just added another three hours onto my dance time a week for rehearsals and such. This now means I'm dancing 6.5-7 hours a week. But I don't do anything else besides work and come home so I might as well dance, right?!


Anyways, I'm just really happy with this new place. I'm glad I took the chance and went up there last Thursday. Because there really is no comparision to where I was and where I'm at now.

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Wow, I'm so pleased for you. You've not only found a great place to dance, you've been given the opportunity to do a dance number too.


Just goes to show what happens when you take chances hey.



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OMG Congratulations!!


My eyes are red with envy!!


I used to believe that I'd be content to just dance in classes, but being the show-off I am :) , I realised that I'd really like some performance opportunities :thumbsup:, so I'm really happy for you.


Do keep posting and tell us of your progress :)




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Congrats Dancing Duranie!

See? Your feelings that you should find a new studio were right on the money, and now that you've taken a chance, look how wonderful it all is! :)

Can't wait to hear about the rehearsal and performance process.


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You're so lucky to have performance opportunities. I've been training my butt off for almost three years and still haven't gotten the chance to dance on a stage with costume. I miss it so much.

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Guest Dancing Duranie

I learned the opening combo (sort of?) of the jazz number last night. It's going to be really nice! She worked with me on the steps while the girls were changing into their tap shoes. She also worked with me on pirouettes while they were changing into their jazz shoes. :) She seems really helpful and doesn't hesitate to demonstrate something to me and walk me through it if I'm having trouble. That's a TEACHER, in my opinion!

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That's awesome. I am glad that you are getting the attention and treatment that you deserve.


It sounds as though you are a good student as well, I love it when a student asks for help after class, I wish they'd do it more often. In fact, it's usually the adult students who do so - gotta love you adults! :sweating:

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