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To Buxom?

Guest kella

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Argh this is so annoyng. :)


I have ordered a leo that fits superbly everywhere except for my chest. :blushing: The shelf bra fits me but its like the material over that right down to my belly button just sticks out. :)


Can I alter or fix this in some way?


Or should I just order another leo the next size up and hope for the best? :blushing:

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I don't really have an answer, but maybe I'm just confused about your explaination... is there too little or too much fabric in front? or is the shelf bra not holding up correctly? I'd really like to help! :(

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Guest Dancing Duranie

Eeeek, Kella! I have this same problem. The shelf linings never seem to support me properly. I have to wear a dance bra or a sports bra underneath my leos. :( It's terrible, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

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I also have this problem, but from searching posts here, I saw a lot of suggestions for the Mirella 223L leo with underwire. Well, I ordered it, and have to say it's not bad!


As I have just started back to ballet and have a few pounds to lose, I'm hoping that I'll lose some on top to get back to my regular C size...almost there....


In the meantime, this leotard seems to work for me.....

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I don't know how some women do it. I'm a full B (with a small frame.) I don't wear any bras or any support at all under my leotard. I'm just small enough to not have to. However, sometimes my leos (camisoles) fail me during back cambres. I feel like they are just going to pop out. And most of my teachers are male. If you play with the adjustments in the back it keeps them "in" but then you have to deal with the uncomfort of too tight straps. I haven't found a remedy for this as I would think that a sports bra or another type of support would be a bit too bulky under a leotard. Its also quite a challenge for me to try on leotards because the one or two places that even sell dance clothes around here don't have a very good selection of adult leos which forces me to order them off the internet. Prolems problems! :)

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