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Bloch Elastosplit


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As I've already worn a hole through my first pair of slippers, I had to rush out and buy a new pair today at lunch. Most everything they carried required sewing of elastics (which I can't do at work). I then spied something new with elastics already there and decided to give them a try.


Anyone tried the very new Bloch Elastosplit?


I've got mine on right now. Very comfortable design. Leather and elastic.


I asked these questions at the shop and they said they had no problems thus far...so, what is your take?


1. How do they hold up? The lady said those that had purchased them had no complaints thus far. One was even a teacher who liked them a lot.


2. Any problems with convertible tights? None reported.


3. Any teachers with issues against the new design? None reported.


I now own them, so I'm going to give them a try. Just wanted to get other opinions.

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I don't have them but when my slippers wear out I'm seriously thinking about getting them just to save from having to sew the elastics on! How do the elastics fit, though? Are they in the right place and tight enough?

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They have that criss-cross elastic look. They fit great with elastic criss-crossed through the arch. I ran around my office for a couple of hours today without feeling like they were sliding or bunching. They seem to really mold to your foot providing protection and flexibility. I especially like the fact that they are leather (durable) but have that open upper/arch to allow you to breathe. I'm looking forward to tonight's class to see how they perform.


Weren't very expensive either. ;)


ADD: They also DO come with two extra pieces of elastic so if you feel the need for even more support you can add it. I don't feel the need yet, but we'll see after class.

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So, TemptressToo, did you try them in class yet? How do you feel about them?

How do they run size-wise? I would really like to try them, but I haven't been able to find sizing information for them. I would really like to know from someonw who actually has worn the shoe.

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Okay! This is the perfect thread for me, as I recieved a free pair of Elastosplits yesterday as a promotional gift from a local dancewear shoppe :wink: and taught 3 classes in them last night.


As far as sizing goes, they are the same as regular Bloch slippers. I usually wear the Bloch 'Pump' slipper - my all time favorite - in a 6 C and the Elastosplit 6 C was a good fit.


They molded well to my foot, and were not 'slippy', and highlighted my arch well. My only reservation about them is that I am not used to feeling a seam hug around my instep (where the front end of the shoe stops around metatarsal area) - it's an odd sensation that I suppose I will get used to. It's not especially uncomfortable, but it's a noticably different feeling than experienced with the traditional slipper.


Another teacher at our studio has a pair, and she likes them as well. As far as having 'issues' against tham, I wouldn't recommend them to a beginner student - but for an upper-level intermediate or advanced student, I see no problem.

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I've been wearing the elasto-splits for a few weeks this year and I definitely like them (don't know if I love them yet, however). There are two types of elastic configurations. One is the criss-cross like TemptressToo described and the other is the pi strap (imaginge a piece of elastic going from ankle bone to anklebone - across the instep - and the two strips coming off of that attached to the material above the toes ... looks like the pi symbol). Each type comes in leather and canvas. I got the canvas pi strap becasue the cross-cross seemed too tight for my high instep. The pi strap is also a little tight, but it is wearable. The canvas is so soft it almost feels brushed and the shoes came with polyester-type lining on the inside of the heel and instep which I ripped out. (Polyester ... :wink: ) And because the canvas is so soft there really isn't much friction between the shoe and the floor, which makes for great turning on marley :blink: and fear of falling on your butt on hard wood :blushing: . All in all, for a fad they work pretty well and are cheap enough to experiment with.

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Reporting live from Pensacola...


"I tried my spiffy new slippers during my 2-hour class yesterday. I'm reporting to you today to inform you I enjoyed the experience more. My toepoint and arches looked great, the shoe fit well to my foot forming without discomfort or bagging. I didn't have any issues with that seam (mentioned above) but again, I'm a shoe freak so uncomfortable shoes aren't in my vocab. My only complaints arose from the shoes newness (I clung a bit more to the floor during rond de jambe) but I think that will be reduced once I've worn them in a bit. Also, during the portion of the class where we did grand battement against the bar the heel shifted a bit. Not enough to cause me noticeable discomfort and it was easily corrected at the end of the pattern (disclaimer...I'm still a beginner so it might be an issue of not-the-best turnout or technique that made the heel slide a bit). I had no problems at all with any of the centre work, including jumps. There were several admirers of the new look and one teacher who pounced upon me and asked where I got them because she had saw them in a mag and wanted to try them. Reporting live from Pensacola, this is April Adare."

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I have worn mine just a couple of times, I felt that they slip off too easy, especially when you 'brush' the floor.

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I was lusting after those shoes since seeing them in a magazine and actually saw a pair on display in a shop in Lexington KY. It is called Dance Essentials.

I was sad to find they don't come in my size (narrow) so I have ordered a Sansha and a Grishko to try. I am really not loving the Bloch Pumps I have. They slip around on my feet. I guess the fit wasn't perfect on them.



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Laschwen, if you have narrow feet, you might try Gamba slippers. For me, these are the only ones which don't feel like bags on my feet!

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No, sorry. It was one of the balletalert blogs and I hurt my foot and stopped writing it. I might start a new one though, because it was good writing about my classes.


(Sorry for being off-topic.)

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Laschwen, if you have narrow feet, you might try Gamba slippers.  For me, these are the only ones which don't feel like bags on my feet!



Hey thanks! I don't know if they are available around here but I have several catalogs and websites that might help. I love the bags comparison. I tend to use "shower cap" as a description. My Sansha and Grishko order should arrive today. We will see how they do. Unless they are at my door now I will never hav any elastic sewn in time for tonights class though. I think they may be pre sewn on one of them??? Maybe just partial on the Sanshas...



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Well, I ordered a pair online form Dancewear Corner. I ordered their widest width 3 sizes down from my shoe size, and can exchange them if they are too small or tight. I will receive them in a week and a half to 2 weeks- full report then. The store associate metioned that they have sold about 40 pairs since they started selling them about a month or so ago and people have really taken to them, they flatter just about any foot. We'll see- I'm so excited!

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I do agree on the flattering part. Makes that toe point and arch look sooo pretty. :)

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