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I am going down to NC to visit Duke and UNC Chapel Hill over Columbus day weekend-I have looked into the dance program and while daily ballet classes are offered, it is not a ballet focused program-although people i know who've danced there have improved a lot. At the moment, I'm thinking that if I go there i will supplement my training by also training at the Cary Ballet Conservatory (or Cary Conservatory of Ballet? im not sure which...) which is a good pre-professional school abot 30 minutes from Duke. I will update after I visit!

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I ended up not going that weekend because they were on vacation-i am going in mid-november so i will let you know then! sorry :pinch:

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My friend is a freshman at Duke. She is a wonderful dancer, but also an incredibly bright student. From what I understand, when she went down to audition, they were so impressed that they are re-vamping their dance program to include a dance major. Currently, I believe, she is undeclared, but doing lots of work in the dance department. Also, I believe there is a girl there from the PNB school, also aiding in efforts to create a dance major at Duke. If any of the information is incorrect, please don't hesitate to correct me.

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I visited Duke this weekend, and got a really good impression of the dance program. On sunday night, I saw their November dance concert, which included two ballet pieces, both with technically advanced (and on pointe) dancers, two modern pieces, an african piece, and an indian piece. Then on Monday, I took the advanced class and spoke with one of the directors of the program. The class had some mixed levels, but the overall level was high and the teacher gave many corrections, etc. There were a few students who were planning to audition for companies after graduation (as i am) and they looked like they would be ready to do so. The girl I stayed with had actually been accepted as a trainee at Nashville Ballet, but turned it down to go to Duke, and seemed very satisfied with the program. There were also a few girls who had danced professionally before going back to school. There are advanced ballet and modern classes offered M-F, and there is also ballet, modern, and african rep. classes each semester. There are also "academic" dance classes, like "flamenco in society" that spend 2 meetings a week in a classroom, and then one meeting in the studio! There are also oppurtunities for students to choreograph. DUke is also close to several good schools, including Cary Ballet Conservatory, Triangle Youth Ballet, Chapel Hill Ballet, and Raleigh Ballet, so kids can go there on the weekends for class if they don't have rehearsals. Carolina Ballet is also close by, but they don't have a school.

In general, I was very impressed with the program!

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It seems like they've been working on it, and there is a proposal pending. However, some people in the administration just changed, so its not happening as fast as they'd hoped. You can, though, do a program II major (design your own major), if you have something that's not offered-M'Liss Dorrance, the woman I talked to, said the most recent person who had done this through the dance dept. had designed a "dance education" major.

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Noticed you were able to take a dance class while you were considering Duke - how did you go about that?

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It was actually really easy-I just emailed the head of the department, told her when I was coming, and she sent me a schedule!

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Is it known how best to put together the supplemental artistic material video that Duke will review for admission? I am trying to help my dd put one together quickly and we may have to it without our AD's help. Please help.

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DD got her acceptance this week from Duke and it was the dance department that was the magnet for an early decision application. After participating in a class this fall, she knew it was the best place for her and thankfully the admissions board agreed :shrug: . I watched the class and of all the schools we visited with minor programs in ballet, it had the most class participants that were dancing at a high level of training. She also really liked Tyler Walters, who taught the class. Perhaps we saw you, biners, and didn't know it. This set up will allow her to pursue her academics, but still continue dancing at a high level, as she desires. Thanks for all the input! She has been so busy dancing and going to school, that I've just been feeding her all the information I've learned from this website and it has been so helpful.

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That's FANTASTIC!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Your daughter is going to LOVE it....great school, great dance, great people!! Best semester of my life :) The dance has improved even more since a dance major just got approved, which is really exciting...I'll likely be in teh first class of dance majors! :)

Huge, huge congrats!! Now you can all breathe a little easier :)

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jsn - A Big CONGRATS to your DD :wub: .

Thank you biners and thedriver (love your name...I can relate!) for your warm words. After 8 performances of the Nutcracker and a week of finals, it was very good news indeed. We are very relieved and excited and dd was thrilled to read your endorsement of the program from a first hand experience, biners. I'm sure you will meet personally in the next year. Duke seems like a good place to be for a dancer who wants to also be a college student.

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