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jsn-Congrats to your daughter!! My daughter has also applied and took a class and really loved it. She ended up doing regular decision so we will have to wait!!

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Thank you Charlotte1755 and Mirabray. Please let us know if your daughter ends up going to Duke Charlotte, so we can meet in person. It is reinforcing to hear of other dancers that liked the program.

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jsn - We will let you know - she really loved the class she took over some other college programs - just wish the price was not so high!!!!

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I hear you! My friend gave me some encouragement, however, as her dd is at another high tuition university double majoring in engineering and dance and she said they have not paid for a lesson, a costume, or even a pair of tights since they have been there. The pointe shoes must still be financed. Maybe biners can tell us about the financial side of dance at Duke, aside from the tuition.

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Hi! Sorry it's taken me a few days to respond, things are getting crazy with midterms and whatnot...

anyways, within the dance program i have not paid for a thing outside of tuition since i've gotten here--no costume fees or performance fees or anything. i've taken a few open classes outside of school, but other than that everything is pretty much included. also, duke students get great discounts on performances that come to the area and 5$ tickets to most of the shows that come to theatres around Duke, so i've seen a lot of dance as well--it's actually a requirement in all the dance courses that students see and write a short paper on at least 2 dance concerts per semester.

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I'm currently looking at the more prestigious universities (ie. Ivy league, "Southern Ivies", "Little Ivies", etc.) that have good dance programs (preferably with a ballet base) and I came across Duke. I was just wondering how many dance majors and minors Duke has, approximately, and how selective is their program? I know that the university acceptace rate is very small, but in regards to the dance program I'm unsure. Thanks!

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Hi Sarah!

Duke just got a major this year, so as of now, there is one declared major, and about 5 freshmen considering/planning to declare. Usually there are about 5 minors each year as well. The thing that's important to know about the Duke program, though, is that there are many students who dance every moment of their free time and are very good but have chosen not to major or minor for whatever reason--usually because they don't want to take the dance history/theory classes required. So even though the number of majors and minors is small, there are many talented dancers at Duke. Admission to Duke means that you can major in whatever you want, so there is no audition for the dance program--Duke policy.

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Do you think it would be manageable for a student to double major, say in political science and dance? I'm only a sophomore in high school right now, but I'm really into planning my future education and it's important for me to find a school where I can continue to study dance but also turn my focus to my ultimate goal: a law school degree! :D

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Oh, definitely. That's what they encourage dance majors to do so that they're well rounded. Most majors require 10 classes ...you have to take at least 32 credits to graduate, usually about 6 will be requirements outsdie of your major, so if you have 20 classes for your majors and 6 for requirements, that still leaves you with at least 6 electives...so in other words, yes, it's entirely manageable and encouraged.

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What about studying abroad? If I were to minor in French and hopefully spend a semester or two in Paris, 1) Would that affect my dance major? and 2) Would I be able to study abroad through the dance program?

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Also I have one additional question, and I realize I'm getting a little off topic here, but do you know if there are any SI's in North Carolina that are connected with Duke?

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It's not a part of Duke, but Tyler Walters is running the Carolina Ballet SI at UNC-Wilmington. No history on it; this is their first year. They are really happy to talk to people about the program, so you could call Carolina Ballet.


So maybe it's a connection once removed! :o

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I did see the section on the Carolina Ballet with Tyler Walters...just hoping for something at the Duke campus to help convince my mom to let me visit either this year or next year! :o

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