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Yes, Tyler is running the Carolina Ballet SI, and I obviously can't speak for that SI but I can say that he is fantastic, so I would definitely recommend it just based on that. In terms of studying abroad, I'm currently looking into that--i've found a Sarah Lawrence College program in Paris geared towards artists. The upside of attending a big university like Duke, though, is that they have a lot of connections and resources, and a big study abroad office that can help you find something that will work. A LOT of people study abroad regardless of major (you could do any study abroad with any major as long as you plan in advance) and really love the experience. You can also do a summer study abroad program--Duke has and works with many--or there is also the Duke In New York program, where you get an internship in New York city in some arts field and take various classes, it's a very cool program.

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Duke sounds so amazing, and to be honest I'm less worried about getting in, and more worried about how I would go about paying for it! But from what you said about the dance program, it sounds absolutely amazing -- and accomodating!


At least I have a year or so to think about it...:)

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Regarding the American Dance Festival held in Durham, what are the dates for this years' performances? I thought it would be a good way to experience the area's dance and the university together.

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Hey everyone,

I realized people might not have a good sense of the amount/type of dance it is possible to do at Duke, so I thought I'd give you an idea by giving you my schedule for last semester and this upcoming one...hope this helps!


THis past semester:

M/W- Ballet 10:05-11:25

Modern 4:25-5:55


T/Th- Ballet 10:05-11:25

Anatomy for Dancers 11:40-12:55

Ballet 2:50-4:20

Modern 6-7:30

Rehearsal (modern) 7:30-9/9:30


F: Ballet 10:05-11:25

Rehearsal (ballet) 4-5:30


S: Rehearsal (ballet, with warmup barre) 10-12


Su: sometimes off, sometimes rehearsal for student directed piece



This coming semester:


M/W: ballet 10:05-11:25

Cardio Conditioning 11:40-12:55

Modern 4:25-5:55

Ballet rehearsal 7:30-9


T/Th: ballet 10:05-11:25

ballet 2:50-4:20

Ballet history, 20th century: 4:25-5:40

Modern 6-7:30


F: ballet 10:05-11:25

ballet rehearsal 4-5:30


S: ballet rehearsal with barre warmup 10-12


Hope this helps!








Oops, forgot to say that their might be a student directed piece next semester, as well as possibly (hopefully!!) a partnering class!

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sorry :thumbsup: . Biners6 did you attend CPYB last summer? I saw you posted under there and I knew someone from my level who was going to duke. I was wondering if you could PM me. I am having trouble using the pm function. Thanks

p.s I was in D6

SORRY everyone Now back to the Duke discussion!

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At RDA two years ago, I took a class in one of Duke's studios. It was pretty. It had two levels, and it was all wood (there was marley on the floor of course).

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I've been doing my rounds of college visits and research, trying to find a university that will accomodate a brainy ballerina like me!

I want to be able to take a ballet class every day, but not major in dance, because I also want to do pre-med study.

I know that biners6 indicated earlier in her schedule that she took a daily technique class. I was just wondering if this was an opportunity only given to dance majors, or if someone like me could take those classes too. Is there a different ballet class for people who are just taking an open class vs. taking the class for credit? Is one more advanced than the other?

Thanks for any help!

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All classes are open to everyone--there's no seperate major/minor track. All are mixed--most people who dance a lot are not majors because they don't want to do the accompanying academic classes for the major, they just want to take a lot of technique.

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(I deleted this post because it is out of context and would make no sense now that a moderator moved it here. My post quoted and was in reference to a general post about another issue that still remains on the other board.) :unsure:

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My son is thinking about double major of dance and political science. Duke might be a reach school for him - he is an A-/B+ student. Is Duke looking for male dancers? Would this increase his chances of admission?

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Duke is DEFINITELY looking for male dancers--I can't say for sure that it would get him in, but it could definitely help because a) I'm sure the dance department would put in a request for his admission and :yes: male dancers are unusual so that's a boon in the admissions process in general. So definitely apply, and send in a video so that the dance department will review it and speak to the admissions department on his behalf.

good luck!

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Now that Duke as a year under its belt with a dance major offering, I am curious to hear how it's going. How many dance majors are there? How is the program evolving.. in terms of faculty, classes offered, performance opportunities, support from the university, etc.? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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It's going well! The dance department is definitely growing. We have 3 dance majors right now, but several of the freshmen are planning to be dance majors. There are about 15 minors at the moment. We have two new faculty members this year--a modern teacher (former Bill T Jones dancer) and a ballet teacher (former Joffrey dancer). Further, jazz, which used to be offered on a rotating schedule, is now offered every semester. The program got a big grant this year to do two works by Twyla Tharp--this semester we're doing Torelli, and in the spring we're doing 8 Jelly Rolls, so that's exciting. The program also just received a 50,000$ gift from an alumna specifically for the ballet program, so that is very exciting! The classes offered are continually growing and evolving, but new developments include, as I said, jazz every semester, and a dedicated pointe class. We've been getting more and more serious dancers each year, so performance opportunities are increasing--we do 1 mainstage production each semester, but there are also things like senior thesis performances, informal showcases, etc. Students have also taken the initiative to increase our outreach, so in addition to the school shows that we always do for each mainstage performance, we've been working with one of the elementary schools in the area to go in and teach a dance class to the kids once a week.


So it's exciting! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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