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Ballet Talk for Dancers

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I am a little confused by the schedules posted on the Duke Website. There are five levels of ballet, and it appears that level 5 only offers two classes a week, (Monday Wednesday) although the description says "Daily training for the performing student at the advanced/professional level."


The level 4 class is offered at the exact same time so it would be impossible to take it simultaneously. Am I correctly interpreting that the only way to take more than two ballet technique classes a week would be to take level 5 and 3?




I would very much appreciate a response from someone currently involved in dance at Duke.

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No, it's a bit confusing! Ballet 5 is just a combination of ballet 3 and 4, so ballet V people take m-f. Both ballet 3 and 4 are high level classes.

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I was wondering how much influence my talent in dance would have on my chances of getting admitted to Duke. Although I get good grades, I know I would not be able to get in on just that. Anything that you know would be great!

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I think it definitely gives you an edge to send the supplemental performing arts DVD in as part of your application. My dd sent in one (10 minutes in length) which included several excerpts from classical ballet pieces as well as one contemporary. Of course Duke is highly academic as well, so good test scores and grades will obviously be important but I do believe her ballet was a factor in my dd's acceptance there several years ago.

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DD visited the dance department over spring break and she felt the technique classes and the dancers in the classes were rigorous enough for her to add Duke to her college list. As a parent, I appreciated the faculty's commitment to helping their majors achieve their goals related to dance. for those with strong jazz training (not many on this list) I got the sense that you won't get that at Duke but that the faculty would recommend local studios/schools for training disciplines they do not offer. Several current students approached her an were very, very enthusiastic about dance at Duke.


FWIW, dd does not train exlusively in ballet but has attended several "big name" SIs over the years.

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Any updates on the Duke ballet program? Choosing between Duke & Barnard...

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Also looking for current information on ballet program - not looking to major or even minor but wondering how ballet talent will help with admissions, as noted in post 51. Does anyone else have experience with the supplemental DVD sent in to Duke? My dd has the scores and grades but we are looking for other things that might help her get in. She would likely continue some ballet classes but would be a science major.

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We recently saw on Carolina Ballet social media that a Duke grad got a company position! You can look at that post to see the background of the dancer. She was already a professional prior to coming to Duke.  They also have videos posted of the Duke recreational ballet company and Duke dance department performances you can look at. 

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I think it's worth noting that the above mentioned student who got a company position with Carolina Ballet is perhaps not the typical Duke dance program student--she went to SAB and then danced professionally with Los Angeles Ballet before coming to Duke.  Which is not to say that it's not a great dance program--it is--but I would say it's pretty unusual for someone to come out of that program and go on to dance professionally as a ballet dancer.  


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