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Hello, I'm from India looking to apply for a dance Major at Duke. Can someone brief me on how to place my supplemental material and what they look for? what in my videos should be highlighted and paid more attention to while filming and what exactly can make you stand out?

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My daughter had gotten into Duke a few years ago but did not go. You can be a dance major without any audition. She submitted an Arts Supplement. She had 4:20 be portions of 2 YAGP classical and 1 contemporary variation. The rest was excerpts from various shows that she was in with her ballet school and 1 summer intensive - whatever they had DVDs of. She used an arrow in Moviemaker to show where she was in the group. 

As far as selective schools like Duke, I feel she got in due to top test scores (National Merit, ACT 34, SAT 1530), top grades in high school with the most challenging courses (11 APs) and showing interest: take a tour or do a summer program there prior to trying to attend. With virtual tours these days, that may be a way for you to show interest. She also did an in-person alumni interview. Early decision also has a big advantage at Duke. (She did not do it, but we were told at the tour that it has a higher acceptance rate. You have to know it is your top choice and you would go without knowing the financial aid and that school is expensive.) 

I can tell you any selective schools she applied to with the same arts supplement and test scores and grades but no tour or interview or summer program, she did not get in - Wash U, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Stanford. 

I am not sure how the new test optional admissions will affect people getting in. Good luck! 


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