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Best Comprehensive School for me

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I read a post where you recommended a girl who was 22 and wanted to clean up her technique to go to John Whites school in Pennsylvania. You said that they had trained many dancers who have gone out and have danced with great companies. Can you recommend a school like that in Southern California? I am in the same boat and would like to clean up my technique which is a mixture of Checceti, Balanchine and Vaganova. I would like to audition and perform in a company sometime soon and would love a program where they are serious about teaching and wouldnt mind "re-teaching" a person of my age and where the program is methodical. I would like to be in a program like John Whites or the program at CPYB working with truly knowledgeable teachers.

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Hello there, genevieve_1, and a belated welcome to the board. :wacko:


Might I suggest you do a search on this forum using the word "California" in that little window that is down at the bottom left of this page - where it says Enter Keywords? Type in the word California and hit enter: you'll then see several threads that address schools in different parts of California. If you see a thread/topic amongst these that match your area, give it a read and then if you have any questions, please post on that thread. If, however, none of these existing threads deal with the part of southern California you live in, then start a new thread with that part of California in its title. :D

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Another way to take a look at the recommended schools in California is to alphabetize this forum by Topic Title (done at the bottom of the window) and look at the threads starting with "Ballet Schools in..." Some do not have California in the title, but either the city or county and the CA abbreviation. So, they might not show up in a search. But, there are several threads on Southern Cal areas and hopefully one will encompass the area you live in! :D

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