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Kirov ballet In The USA

Guest adancingartistforlife

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Guest adancingartistforlife

The ARE coming to Michigan! Detroit Opera House. Can't wait. Saw them do Bayadere. Irma Nioradze was unbeleivable.


This time they are doing Sleeping Beauty



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Guest adancingartistforlife

I've seen The Bolshoi do Swan Lake here. I wasn't that impressed with Siegfried and the men in general. (Then, who am I? :yes: )


Then I saw The Kirov do Bayadere. The guy that did Solor was unbelievable


Can't wait for this Sleeping Beauty...The Bluebird Pas De Deux


In a way, with the rap that Detroit gets all the time, it's kind of a historic event

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Guest Corine

I have already enjoy the sleep beauty by DVD which newly-choreographed by Oleg Vinogradov, was recoreded live from the Place des Arts, montreal, during the company's 1989 tour of America and Canada.


With it's perfect fusion of music and choreographic ideas, the sleeping beauty is the quintessenial romantic ballet and it finds its spiritual home preserved in the outstancing classical traditions of the Kirov Ballet.

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We went last night and were thrilled to see Diana Vishneva as Aurora and Igor Zelensky as the Prince.


It was wonderful. Do be prepared for the length, however! The show is almost four hours long with three intermissions.



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Guest adancingartistforlife
We are going to the Berkeley performance!! Can't wait to see it. DD's teacher said there is nothing like seeing the Kirov perform.  :D



The Best of the Best for sure...I remember Baydere blew me away

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You have to sign up for each board independently, so you'll have to click on the "Join" or "Register" button, and register in the same screen name and e-mail address that you gave to become registered here at Ballet Talk For Dancers.

It should be alright after that but let us know if you still have any problems.


Clara 76

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We saw the Sun. matinee in LA yesterday. Beautiful! Great dancing. The corps work was really good. Of course, all the soloists and principals were amazing. One thing, though...their shoes were really loud! :green: Is it the Dorothy Chandler stage? Or their Russian pointe shoes? The girl dancing Aurora (don't have the program, don't remember her name - a different Aurora every show in LA) was wearing Gaynors and they didn't make a sound. Everybody else was like a percussion ensemble, though. Also, though there were many sparkles, the tutus were not that impressive. We were guessing that's a touring company thing where many bodies share the same costumes, so they have the stretchy leo with the rehearsal tutu attached as opposed to the real deal. The other costumes were gorgeous, as was all the scenery. Also, it's worth the price of admission to hear the orchestra playing (so well) that beautiful music live. Great day at the ballet, if you have a chance to catch it in your city!

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The Dorothy Chandler is an Opera house therefore the accoustics are such that you can hear everything without a mic. Hence the pointe shoes sound loud. Same as at the Met vs the City Center which is very different. Aurora yesterday at the Matinee did wear Gaynors in the first act and then Grishkos in the 2nd and 3rd. (I had good binoculars). Tutus were most definitely not leotards with practice tutus over!!!!!!! They were once piece bodices with the tutu attached and were quite beautiful. The costumes were excellent IMOP all the way through. If you looked at the program there is a lovely close up photo of them on the front and leotards they most definitely are not. Of course there are different styles of tutus and everyone has a preference. The run is now finished they have been there since Wednesday. I saw it twice and must agree that is a ballet experience I will remember for a long time. Magnificent.



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Guest adancingartistforlife

Ballet Experience..


Well put. Thats what I'm telling everybody. This is beyond a "Dance Concert"...this is beyond going to see just about any other company in the world perform.




(Detroit Opera House)


A whole different experience


What "The Ballet" is...and is all about

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ADAFL: You sound exactly like my dd's teacher! :wink: DD and her dancemates were encouraged to go to see this. DD even had teacher approval to miss her variations class to attend! (Although she has to go to technique class and can change at the studio :green: )

I don't know who is more excited about seeing this....me or dd!

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I'm actually taking part in Sleeping Beauty in Detroit. I'll let you know how that goes! I just wish they'd be here more often!!! :wink:

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