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Kirov ballet In The USA

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Guest dancing<><piper

This is strange....my best friend, teacher, and others from our school went last night and said it was very disappointing. Aurora wasn't Olesia, and didn't even let go and balance on the Rose Adagio. Also, some of the fairies were from the corps.

I am inclined to brush their experience aside as a bad night...I like y'all's description much better!!

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Guest adancingartistforlife


Told ya about Olessia Novikova! Absolutely gorgeous. :( At one point in the show, I thought she looked right at me, (dreaming) I thought I was going to die :wink:


I'll never forget seeing Irma Nioradze in Bayadere, and I'll never forget seeing Novikova do Aurora.




I saw Novikova on Friday night, and she performed again on Sunday afternoon


I know she let go and balanced (and finished off with a 120 degree arabesque) in the Rose on Friday, I don't know about Sunday aft.


I think Wannabe and I were there the same night

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Guest dancing<><piper

Awesome!! It's too bad the Saturday night Aurora wasn't great, however.

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You asked how to go about performing with the Kirov. The way it worked this year, is that they went to a local ballet school and asked them to provide students to audition. They used SFB for the Berkeley performances.



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