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DVD/Videos: Evelyn Cisneros

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My daughter is a huge fan of Evelyn Cisneros, who she studied with summer before last. Alas, we never saw her dancing live (only on some very old loaner videos shown during the SI) but I know she was in a couple of productions that were filmed. Dance In America (PBS) did a production of Cinderella starring her. There was also a Sleeping Beauty, I believe. And she was the subject of a PBS program called "Moving On."


Anyway, does anyone know of ANY videos or DVDs that feature Ms. Cisneros that I could purchase? I've tried searching the internet, ebay, etc but can't find anything.





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I know this is from a long time ago, But I've been searching for Evelyn's performance with the SF ballet in the 1980s and JUST found it on Zeus.  



It's a DVD so, you know, technology, but I hope it helps.

It's one of my favorite performances and took quite a bit of detective work to find.  I hope you found what you're looking for and that this helpsl


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