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How many different studios do you attend?

Guest kella

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Hi guys,


I'm thinking of upping the amount of classes I do a week from 3 to 5 or 6. To do this I would need to go to at least 2 studios - but since I'm doing a RAD course once a week, this would become 3 studios - which sounds a little crazy to me :)


So I'm just wondering what everyone else does.



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At the moment, I take from 3 different teachers in 5 different locations/studios!

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I have just taken on more classes from two hours a week to just under four hours, its taking a while to adjust, i need to seriously make some changes to my diet too - my body is craving healthy foods, such as fruit and veg :)

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Let's see.....


ENB - 1 hour 1/4

London Studio Centre - 1 hour 1/2

Danceworks - 3 hours 1/2

Harlow - 3 hours


Plus some Latin for 2 hours.






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wow fish :)

lucky you, when do you find the time?

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For me its just 2 studios


ENB 1.25hrs

Morley College 3hrs


I am just getting to the stage when I have upped classes from 2 to 3, soon be time for the 4th.



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On a normal basis, one, but with 5 or 6 different teachers.


During vacations and such, there are 2 other places in the area where I go.

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One, but with five or six different teachers (what the last post said).


There are other places available to take ballet but I just don't want to complicate my life any more. I would certainly shift around more if the studios here allowed spur-of-the-moment cash drop-ins, or issued multiclass punch cards that were good for longer than five weeks, but they don't, they work on the principle of continuous enrollment with billing and attendance lists. You can make up classes, but only at the same studio and I have a perpetual backlog of classes to make up. I do take advantage of drop-in classes when I have to go to another city.

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Guest BalletBrat

I take class at the same studio where I teach, I have 3 intsructors there which is nice for variety.


If I ever wanted to take class somewhere else, it would probably have to be very hush, hush. :wink: There is a lot of studio politics in my area unfortunatly.

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At the moment in one school (I would have the possibility to go at university to class but the classes there are late in the evening and I would come home at about twelve o'clock and have to get up at six...... :D ) I plan to go to the school in the Opera in Zürich because when in my town are school holidays I also have ballet-holidays and I don't like this. Therefore I would love to continue my training in Zürich for this time.

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Two schools, unfortunately (would be cheaper to take from just one). Four (4!!!) teachers for five classes.


This is an exceptional year, though. Before it has been one school, two or three teachers... the schedules for this year were not so perfect for me. :D

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For me, three studios, two with regular teachers + some variety of teachers at ENB. Then occasional drop-in classes too. It's the only way to do more than a couple of hours a week as an adult student. The variety is educational - they add up to more than the sum of the parts.

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Weekdays after work, then I have the weekends!


Tuesdays at ENB, Wednesdays at LSC, Thursdays and Fridays at danceworks, and Saturdays at Harlow.


Right after Ballet on Thursdays I go Latin.


So I still have Sunday and Monday free!


(Mr Fish is not so happy about this, but there's pretty much nothing he can do :green:)




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