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Coppelia Doll: Don't know how close you are to the campus, but there is an observation day coming up next Wed. 4/15 for admitted students. If you're interested and local, I'd check and see if it's ok for you to watch some of these classes. Some of the classes open for observation that day are Ballet 2, 3, 4 and 5. Levels 4 and 5 are at the same time, in different studios. Also, a pointe class, 2 modern, 2 jazz, pilates, and a couple others (non ballet).The pointe class is after all of the ballet classes are through so it won't conflict if you want to watch a specific level's ballet class. I think you're right about getting the modern slant because your guide was a modern based dancer. Did you check out the "Mesa Court" housing by any chance? It's the housing near the studios. I'll have to ask DD about the studios. She didn't say much about them after the audition and I didn't ask!


Gogators: Thanks for the heads up about the open classes at Maple Cons. I know that DD is definitely interested in that specific studio. She wanted to audition for their summer intensive, but is getting back from another program too late to attend. Too bad, would have been a great way to get to know the instructors and studio. She more than likely won't have a car her first year, so would be looking for others that take class and have a car, where she'd be able to pay for their gas or something similar in return for the transportation.

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I did hear about the open day, but I'm not close enough to go, and I'm in school. I'm only a junior, so if I get in I'll probably go next year.

I did not get a chance to look at housing, but once again since I'm a junior it wasn't my top priority. The dance major that gave me the tour did say that most people in the arts live there. So you won't be with just dancers.

The studios were fine, you just had to go outside to get to them which bugged me.

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DD and I toured UCI this past Wed. and were able to watch some classes in the dance dept. Anyone else there from BT? She is leaning more and more towards this program, but still weighing it against several others. There were quite a few well trained dancers in the ballet technique classes that we watched. We were able to talk to several of the dancers after one of the classes and they were very polite and helpful in answering all of our questions. As a parent, I always find it fascinating to watch a class where I can actually hear what the teacher is saying and commenting on. Because DD really wanted to watch as many classes as possible, we were unable to participate in some of the other planned activities for the day for everyone visiting. We were able to go on a housing tour and looked at the halls that are close to the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. Definitely liked the close proximity to the studios! Now it's decision time!

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I am attending UCI this coming fall. I am interested in taking ballet classes there. Does anyone know if the school allows non-dance majors to take class at an advanced level or do they only offer beginner classes to non-dance majors? I have been dancing my whole life and am at a pre-pro level, but decided not to apply to become a dance major due to the modern aspects of the program. That might have been a mistake! Thanks in advance



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Hi Taylor, I am pretty sure that non dance majors can take ballet classes at UCI. My DD and I went and observed classes and if I remember correctly one of the classes we watched (level 2 or 3?) had some non ballet/dance majors in it. That particular class had quite a range of dancers in it. My DD and two of her friends will be attending UCI in the fall as dance majors and all are very classically trained dancers, serious about ballet. I think your best bet would be to contact someone in the dance dept. They were very quick in getting back to us with answers to the questions we emailed them. What did you choose to major in since you didn't audition for the dance dept?

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As of right now, I am a business admin. major, but I am considering changing my major to computer science. Im more of a math person and I think computer science would fit me better.

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I auditioned last January and I'm pretty sure that everyone that applies as a dance major attends that one audition. It's a crazy long day!! It was the only school I applied to that only had one audition date with everyone there on the same day. I believe that UCI is like most schools that as long as you get all of your audition material in on time and have applied to the school, you can audition. Good luck!

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Intermediate classes for Dance majors are open to qualified non-majors, and are at a level comparable to advanced classes in many colleges.There are also less intensive Intermediate level classes for non-majors. The year-long sequences may be repeated once for credit.

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For the auditions, does anyone know what the dance department is looking for exactly? For instance, do they want someone who is classically trained with very strong technique, or someone who may not have very strong technique but holds potential and promise?

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I really want to transfer to UCI but i was wondering what would be the lowest GPA allowed for a dance major. i know i have to audition for a spot so would happen if i am accepted according to the audition results but not my GPA? can anyone who was accepted, attended, or is attending UCI tell what their entering GPA was?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Dance_Dream!!


I don't have an answer for you, but perhaps someone else will!

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You can find statistics on the average GPA, test scores, etc. of the admitted freshman class at the college board website:



The situation might be slightly different for transfer students, but this should give you a basic idea as to what they are looking for.

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I am a dance major at UCI. I will try to answer both Amandddaaa's and Dance_Dream's questions as best as I can. Amandddaaa, I came from a strong ballet background , being classically trained. There are a number of other dancers here that I already knew from previous summer intensive programs. I think that when you are auditioning for a college level dance program, you are expected to already be trained and that the teachers watching the audition are looking for trained dancers that will fit into THEIR program. I auditioned for a lot of different schools last year and each audition was different. I did not ever feel like the auditions were hard. Most were just a basic class, a lot like auditioning for a summer program. UCI's was a very long day with over 300 people at the audition. We were in groups of 5 each time we danced. We did ballet, modern and jazz. There were a lot of strong dancers, but at every audition I went to I saw people that were struggling. Every program I auditioned for where we were going to be doing more than ballet, the ballet part was always first.


Dance_Dream: I do not know how it works for transfers. I will tell you that for non-transfers, the way it worked was that you had to be accepted into both the academic school and the dance program before receiving an acceptance letter. You only receive one letter. If you received a rejection letter, you wouldn't know if you had been turned down by the school, but accepted by the dance dept. or vice versa, or both. That is how the other UC school that I applied for worked too. Every other school that I applied to sent a separate academic and dance dept. acceptance letter. For most of the schools, I'd already heard that I was accepted academically before I even auditioned. Several of them I hadn't heard anything when I went to the audition, so that was kind of weird. I don't think I can answer your GPA question. The college board link that winddancer9 attached has a lot of good info. I guess it would be interesting to see those same stats about GPAs based only on the dance dept. The other people I know in the dance dept. are all good students. We were told at orientation that UCI is the 4th hardest UC school to be admitted to academically.


I hope this helps. Good luck to all that are auditioning later this month!

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