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University of California, Irvine

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I'm at UCI and have never heard any talk about their dance dept. rank in comparison with the well-known programs and have definitely never heard anyone say it is right behind Juilliard. Sounds like someone's opinion or speculation. I did a lot of research in checking out dance departments of schools in California when I decided to go the college route. There are a lot of schools with dance programs, but I only found two where I truly felt they were strong in ballet, I'd have good performance opportunities (have been in both shows so far, with two later in the Spring) and would keep me in line for a job after graduation. The other is in Northern Cal. attached to a small college. I'm happy to have found a "gem" in my home state that allowed me to make this work financially.


Good luck to those waiting to hear about acceptance! I heard during the third week of March last year.

What was the smaller college in Northern Cal.?

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I'm not sure about scholarships at UC Irvine, but if you aren't a California resident you should be aware that they are capping the percentage of non-resident students admitted to all UC campuses at last year's level, which I think is just below 20% at the Irvine campus. 

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Honestly - I am not sure about these "capping" claims from UC's in general - I know so many in-state kids not getting in any UC's and  I know foreign students with low GPA and low test score who get admitted.  I honestly do not believe in the capping claim - I only believe that they like out-of-state students for the higher tuition they will pay and so scholarship is not likely.

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Well the state threatened to withhold funding if they didn't agree to the caps. We know someone who had to go to Brown after not getting into UCLA or UC Berkeley. (Not that Brown isn't awesome, but it's far away and tuition is much higher than in-state UC tuition). So, who knows, being out of state could be an advantage. 

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I am not familiar with the details of the capping requirement but something tells me UC would have negotiated exceptions to the rule for certain situations, etc. etc. to allow them to not abide by the capping limits.

Out of state students definitely an advantage to get accepted by UC's but I hope they are not at the same time dishing out scholarships also - that would defeat the whole purpose of admitting out-of-state students and a big slap in the face to Californians who pay huge state taxes to support the schools that our own kids cannot get in.

Going back to the topic of whether there are scholarships available at UC - from my experience with many friends/neighbors/colleagues with children going to UC's - it seems the "scholarships" is largely need based. Certainly there must be some merit based award for the most desired students.  But mostly, all I heard is families getting nothing or getting need-based grant (these are all in-state families), albeit the in-state tuition is tolerable and so getting nothing is still doable for most families.

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Your best source of financial aid or scholarship availability is the institution itself.  Anecdotal information is not something we trade in here on BT4D.  It especially gets fuzzy when it comes to financial aid and scholarships.  That is why we insist on only first-hand experience and information, including this area.

Whether a dance department has scholarships availability or not is something to inquire about.  One can also ask the time frame in which it is awarded and whether it is a rolling system or one that occurs after all the auditions are concluded.  One university I am aware of did their department scholarships on a rolling basis (the better to entice an earlier commitment from the students).  Thus, once the money for scholarships had been offered, there was no more.  So, for that school, it was good to audition earlier than later. 

So, please do ask your questions of the program people-----and then report back! :D

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Is there anyone here who has a dancer auditioning this weekend?  

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Lady Elle, I somehow missed your post before, DD and I were at the Jan.20 audition.  Largest my DD has been to but UCI seemed to handle it well for the most part.  Hope your DD did well and enjoyed the audition.

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Any new information on this program?  Class size?  Performance opportunities?  Is it hard to schedule around the quarter system of the college?  How easy is it to double major or add a minor?  How easy is it to get CA residency for reduced tuition?  Anything else that makes the program stand out?

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As I recall when DD was living in California, each school set their own residency requirements.  The state schools are overburdened and underfunded, so they are not interested in making it easy for out-of-state students to convert to in-state students. 

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The link I posted is specific to residency requirements for the University of California system. It may be different for the California State system, but applications for all the University of California campuses go through one system. 

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I can only relate what my student has told me. The freshman classes are very large (if you've got a good teacher adept at that, no problem. I've seen teachers with 20 students flit around like a butterfly and do magic). She is doing a double major. She was cast in a contemporary piece.

I wish that I could add more: but; that's the tangible information I have.

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