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I wore a hole into my ballet slippers (1 year...) so rather than look ratty, I went ahead and got new ones. I still do most of my stuff shopping on "cheap" so that was my criteria for new slippers.


My old ones were Capezio Juliets and I decided to give the Leo's Airabesque's a try. I also got 2 new pairs of tights (body wrappers convertible supplex wrapture- my favorite) because I only have 3 pairs and all but 1 have BAD runs, time to retire them.


I also got the Grishko "O" legwarmers on sale. I lost my old (boring) legwarmers last winter and these were on sale.


I got a new gathered front tank leo and a pretty pink hip alignment belt. (Yes, I know they don't do anything, but all the other girls wear them and I'm beginning to feel left out. I'll make sure to wear it on my waist to not cut my line.)


I can't wait for it to get here! Yay for new stuff!


Did anyone else get new dancewear recently?

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I just got new pointe shoes!!! and a burgundy halter leo being discontinued! Pointe shoes not cheap but leo was $18! Leo came in today and looks great!


New stuff is so much fun! I want the O legwarmers but probably won't buy them b/c I have perfectly good legwarmers and warm up pants.

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I have only gotten new tights recently. I allow myself one leotard a year and I will get that in December. I think I'm going to wait to get it in San Francisco, when I go there for a conferece. I hate leotard shopping though, because my torso just seems to be too long for most styles.

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I got a leotard, 2 pairs of tights and some cute warmup shorts. I did get a pair of canvas shoes, but I'm saving them because the school I will be switching to prefers them. They're just like my leather ones, but... canvas. :wacko: Still exciting because I have no life, lol. I just got the shoes early to save on shipping.


One pair of tights has a hole in the crotch already. I ripped them putting them on. :yes: Is it even possible to mend it there? It's where the tights connect to that um, crotchy thing??? I don't know how to fix that, but I think they'll wear for a while without it coming apart much more.


2 styles of tights in the same brand run so differently in size that the ripped pair is probably too small. Hence the seam explosion. Argh.


I love getting new stuff, too!

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The crotch thingy is usually called a gusset. I imagine you could sew them back to it like you would mend any run. Except I totally down't understand how people mend their tights. Luckily my studio doesn't mind runs in class- so I tend to just wear them until they look bad enough that I feel bad about showing up like that.

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  I hate leotard shopping though, because my torso just seems to be too long for most styles.



I know the feeling...wedgie!

I got a Leo that is a Body Wrappers Premiere collection one that is just long enough and I am 6 feet 2. It has adjustable straps and thought a Tall, I thing it is supposed to be more like a medium/large for girth. It doesn't say and the shopkeeper was stunned that I got into it.

I got one other that is a So Danca in a regular XL and the length is better than the first one. It is a cap sleeved pinch front (beautiful neckline) and the only trouble is that the sleeves are tight.

Good luck when you get around to your shopping.



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Hmm I recently got 2 new pairs of legwarmers, new tights and a leo. I'm in love with everything but the leo (doesnt quite fit the way Id like but the support is still great so wont complain)


I really want some new canvas slippers but I'll wait awhile till I get these.......well maybe : )

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The crotch thingy is usually called a gusset. I imagine you could sew them back to it like you would mend any run. Except I totally down't understand how people mend their tights. Luckily my studio doesn't mind runs in class- so I tend to just wear them until they look bad enough that I feel bad about showing up like that.

A gusset, YES. That's the word I was searching for. I was pretty sure it wasn't called a "crotchy thing" for real. :lol:


I'm not sure how to mend tights either, but I know someone who has 7 kids and she knows how to do it. I could probably ask her to show me. The only way I know of is to put nail polish on the run when it's small so it doesn't spread. But that doesn't look good, so I've only done it on parts you can't see. Maybe I can stop it from getting bigger by doing that. But really, I just need to lose a few pounds. :dry: I probably shouldn't try to squeeze in them until that happens.


I hate that. The top half of my body is a small, the bottom half is a medium or large, if you know what I mean...

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Well I just started an apprenticeship scheme with a dance company,and since I'm dancing full-time now I ordered myself a ton of new dance stuff from discountdance.com :) At least 5 leos,some new ballet tights,some new convertible tights,some warm-up tops,a theraband(or whatever they are called),a ballet themed laundry bag,new split soles,can't even remember what else :blushing:

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AmyKL - I did the same with my tights, although they only split after 1yr - whilst doing box splits :blushing:


Well it was a good thing because they were just getting too old and worn, i got new ones made by bloch which are so soft and a pretty colour too :)


swisschard and laschwen - i also have the long torso and its difficult because medium is usually too small and large too big :D


which manufacturers leos have you found to fit best?

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Guest Dancing Duranie

Actually I have a white hip alignment belt and find that it does help tremendously. I can usually tell when something is not right with my placement, but if I can't figure it out on my own then I'll pop the belt on and watch. Then I can tell if I'm sitting in my hip or popping it up. :rolleyes:

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Fun thread!

I am also a long torso'd girl... I am currently in love with body wrappers premiere collection large- although It is the tiniest bit too big.. the adjustable straps are great and as I said in the support thread, I feel really secure in it with the powermesh bra. The one I got is the crossover neck leo and it is really pretty in class. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from allaboutdance- a shrug,another bodywrappers leo(this one crossover back), and two skirts.:-)

No more shoppin for me though! Those are all backordered!!! I hope to get them soon. :D I've been eyeing those grishko O shrugs and legwarmers, but didn't think I was good enough dancer to call attention to myself in that way! :blushing:



P.S. I can't find So'Danca anywhere in NY. Sansha has the character shoes, but I really want to try their split sole canvas shoes- and can't find anywhere to buy them. It seems like it's not possible to order from the so dance website... :D

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Guest Dancing Duranie

Oh just shoot me now! I just ordered stuff off of discount dance supply. This is what happens when you are alone, bored, have a credit card, and the internet on a Saturday night!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gaynor Minden leotards. I have the short sleeved one with the lace around the top (not the mock turtleneck one). I really want the red Chinese one too, but DDS doesn't have that one yet and I'm not paying the price and shipping for it off of GM's site! Their leos are cotton/spandex/lycra and really give good support.


I got the two Balanchine leo/dresses. The white one and the black one. I figured I'd just eliminate the adjusting and readjusting of skirts in class and just get these leos/dresses. And the skirts on them are the perfect length too. I also got two pair of convertible light suntan tights (already have three pair of pink but all the girls at my studio wear suntan so I decided to get some too!) by Capezio......the hold and stretch kind. I also bought a pair of the Bloch pump split sole ballet shoes. I've had my shoes for about 7 years and so far they are still holding up. I'm just preparing for when I need a new pair. And I also got a pair of the Dance Dept. low top canvas dance sneakers. I'm not going to be wearing them for classes, but they are so comfortable that I just wanted a pair for every day wearing!


Now.........would someone like to pay my credit card bill when it comes? :D

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LOL Dancing Duranie!

I love to internet shop for dance clothes. I also love the Gaynor leos- the only one I actually own is the gala- the thin straps with the folds over the bustline- it is gorgeous. I don't know if DDS will ever get that chinese one in- it's been out for a while and it's still not available in any discount store or website. Hope the dresses work out well!

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Guest Dancing Duranie

Oh, SWM! That leo is gorgeous too! I just love their leos, and they really seem to fit well and hold in all the right places. If the Chinese leo isn't in the next DDS catalouge I'll probably just break down and get it off the GM site. B) I checked out all the online dance stores I could think of and didn't see it on any of them. Let's cross our fingers that they'll put it out somewhere soon!

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