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Online Videos: Amazing turner!!!!!!!

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My friend showed this to me, and it is amazing!!!!!!! This dancer can turn so good!!! I don't really know who this dancer is but all I know is that she is from a German company. (sorry, that's all my friend knew too) but it is amazing and a must see! - oh, its really short though

http://www.het-nationale-ballet.nl/uploads...eos/s-sylve.mpg :wacko::yes:

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goodness. i bet that feels amazing. her center is just perfect.


ahh to be that good lol.


is it just me or do her legs appear to be on the more muscular side opposed to the stick legs? theyre goregeous!

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Sylve's figure recalls those of dancers who came up at NYCB in the early 1970s, just post-Farrell, when Balanchine cast or developed more dancers with the non-Farrell silhouette.

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One of the teachers at my studio was at school with Sophiane Sylve and claims that she must have come out of the womb pirouetting; apparently when she took the men's classes she could out turn all of them, even in flats!

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good lord! im usually not a fan of competition jazz, and all the "tricks". but all technique aside... that girl can turn.

imagine what she'd be like getting great training for a year.


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WOW. She's 9!!!! Awesome.


OK, but did anyone catch her tripping while walking up the steps? She had to put her hand down. ABout 3/4 of the way through the routine. I mean...the impossible turns and leaps were no problem for this child. Walking up the stairs proved more difficult. It was cute.


Why are dancers so clumsy?

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Because we're trained in large rooms with flat floors free of any obstacles. :D Unless of course you're in New York, where you sometimes have to dance around pillars.

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