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stinky bag...

Guest 321dance

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Guest 321dance


i'm really sorry if this is an un-answerable question or posted on the wrong board, but i was wondering if anyone knew how to get rid of a really stinky dance-bag smell...

it's getting pretty awful, including my actual shoes too. will baking soda work? or is there something else that could really clear the air in my bag...

thanks for any suggestions!

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Air out your shoes after class. If you have one of those mesh bag things, hang it up on a tree outside and let it air for a few hours. Thats what I do! :D

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Just take everything out and wash the bag. Even those plasticy type bags can be washed on cold gentle cycle with some towels to help cushion it, in a washing machine. If you're concerned, take it out before the spin cycle (which is where any damage would occur anyway).


Either that or make a cleaning solution and use a sponge to clean out the inside. Then sit it outside to dry.


But, we wash our dance bags, lunch bags, etc in the washing machine all the time.


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And to slow down the re-stenching of the newly cleaned bag, make a sachet of fresh cedar chips and put it in the bag. Be sure to follow the mesh bag idea for shoes. Get damp clothes out of the bag and into the wash at the first opportunity.

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Make sure to wash everything that can be washed. My DD didn't realize for a while that she could (and should) wash her Ouch Pouch Jrs. and they were the primary culprit of the stink! B)

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And don't forget the sticky sneakers that you wear home from class. Inbetween the washings of the bags and ouch pouches, I rely on Febreze for both my ballerina and my ice hockey player. It "takes the edge off" the smell. Sweet dreams! :D

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Guest Ballet_Dancin_Freak

And also, you can put baby powder in your ballet shoes, and pointe shoes to absorb the sweat. I do that at least once a month. Keeps them smelling nice. :D

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But be careful! Baby powder on the outside of shoes is a swift invitation to a three-point landing even if you just walk in them! Just use a little bit, so it doesn't seep through the fabric to the outside.

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I've noticed that if i wash my toepads often and my technique shoes that my bag smells a lot better. Also make sure that you clean out all of the old toe tape or band-aids that get thrown into your bag because that also helps! :D

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Mine don't. I wash them on delicate and let them air dry. I do it when I have a few days off from ballet though because otherwise it would take forever for them to dry.

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