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15 Minute Warmup


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I've done a search, probably with the wrong words, but I can't find the post that I remember.


One of the teachers, I believe Ms. Leigh, mentioned that there is a 15-minute warm-up method that she teaches her students in case one needs to rehearse/perform without a proper class/barre beforehand. I'm curious - is there a name for this method? For a variety of reasons, I think it would be a very good tool to have!


Thanks in advance,


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It's called "therapeutic barre" and was a development by Jo Anna Kneeland when she was teaching in Florida, and then later when she became the principal teacher at Harkness House for Ballet Arts in NYC.

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And it's really about 6-7 minutes, and not intended to replace barre. It's a pre-barre, but it's thorough enough that one can do a shorter barre and get warmed up quicker. The problem is that it really must be taught by someone, it can't be learned online. Sorry. :D

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Many thanks, Ms. Leigh and Mr. Johnson. I recognise that it cannot be taught online, but wanted to know what to inquire about! Many thanks. :D

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