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How to submit a link to a newpaper article ?

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Guest Jane's-Collette

Hello All;


Just a quick post; the Oct 12th edition of the Boston Globe has an article about Romi Beppu, Boston Ballet's newest princip[le dancer. in their "living Arts section. How does one post a link ?

Boston.com should have the article on line.


Jane's Collette

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Read the sticky (the stuck thread at the top of this forum) called: How To Make a Hyperlink. If you can find that newspaper article online...then follow these steps as outlined.


If you only want to bring this article to people's attention, you'd post it in the Links forum (and check there first to make sure it has not already been noted and linked). If you want to discuss the article then post it in the appropriate forum...if it's something everyone would find interesting then use Cross Talk, or in the case you are writing about it probably would go in the forum About Professional Dancers and Companies...etc. If you'd like to quote part of the article, it is OK to quote a small part, otherwise one could get into copywrite infringement. :thumbsup:


For more info: Copywright Infringement :shrug:

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