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auditions after an injury


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My dd has a company audition on Sunday and about a week ago, she landed from a jump on a twisted leg and was told that she had a grade 1 sprain.She's been doing "RICE" and she's better but she says that she doesn't think that she will be able to do the audition full-out,especially the point work. She was personally invited to the audition by the AD who saw her in class while visiting the school.She had had him as a teacher at another school briefly as a child and he remembered her.

Our dilema is:Should she attend the audition and not say anything, not attend at all or perhaps attend and tell the AD about her situation? She has a non -refundable plane ticket so she is planning on going to the city in any case but doesn't know what to do about the actual audition class.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Since she is going to go there anyway, she should probably go, but talk to the director first, if possible, and tell him/her about the sprain, and that she is limited. Ask the director if she should do the audition or wait another week or two and come back to audition. It will probably depend a lot on how they remember her, and if they are okay with knowing what she can do when she is 100% or not. Generally it is not a good idea to do a professional audition unless you are in absolutely top shape.

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Thank you Ms.Leigh. I knew about being in top shape for an audition from this forum, probably, and that's why I didn't know what to do.The problem with going back for another audition is that the AD is still a designate and is holding the audition at a city other than where the company is.My dd says she will e-mail him and explain bebore the audition in case it's not possible to speak to him before the class. She had been hoping for me to hear from you in particular about what to do so thank you again.

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Best of luck in a really difficult situation! I hope you will come back here and let us know how it works out. I hope your daughter's injury heals very soon too.

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Thank you balletbooster.I'll post as soon as I know something.My dd was very upset but after reading these few exchanges, she feels better.

It's her first professional audition and it's a very big company-and so early in the season so we'll see...

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