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I thought this was a tad discriminatory??? :)

edited to add that my comments were regarding the company's position pertaining to hiring ONLY those with a 4 yr college degree....

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Dbleon, my thoughts exactly. Not all kids are cut out for a bachelor’s degree, for various reasons. This was one company my DD was interested in, but not now. I believe she read about it in Pointe magazine. To bad there aren’t more companies with their body philosophy.

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There are many, many jobs in the workplace that require a bachelor's degree.


As I see it, this particular company is looking for a specific set of credentials and is being quite up front about it. Not much different than the companies that list minimum or maximum height requirements, just a different set of credentials.

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anyone have any updates on this? Trainee at Alonzo King LINES trying to move back to the east coast and dance professionally out there. If you have any suggestions in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire let me know!! Thanks so much

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Island Moving Company is on the East Coast and not previously listed.

Not the east coast but also not listed, Missouri Contemporary Ballet.

Both are classically trained companies that have neo-classical/contemporary rep and modern rep. 

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BalletX is in Philadelphia, not the New England like the states you mentioned, but still the east coast area.

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