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All Alone with Lister


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For some reason, none of the other adult students showed up for class tonight (all 5 of them)...so I had Ms Dorothy Daniels Lister all to my lonesome. Boy is that nerve-wracking. ;) At first she said that she'd give me a half hour and see how it went but then she must have been pleased with my progress and ended up going the full hour and a half.


Anyway, anyone ever end up being the lone participant? I've never had a private ballet lesson and it really wasn't any different. She basically did full bar and center as if she had a full class. She gave me corrections but not too many. And I actually got some "atta-girls" out of it. :unsure:


Whhhoooo...I was happy I made it all the way through. :blushing:

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Indeed...especially with Ms. Lister calling the shots. Anyone who studied at Joffrey would probably know who she is.

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Yes, a private with Dorothy would be a really intense experience! But she is much sought after, and lots of students would have loved to have been in your shoes!

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She worked me to death. By the end, I was sweating buckets and heaving like I'd just ran a mile. I DO love her to death though. A lot of the girls are scared of her but I think she's charming. :D BTW Mr. Johnson, would she know who you are if I mentioned you?

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She might, but I was never in her class, and I was one of a nearly endless parade of Joffrey's secretaries over the years. My time was about 30 years ago (not that I'm telling people's ages)!

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Well I knew she was a prima 1954-1958...and the ballet mistress of the Joffrey children's school so that might put a little age on you. :D

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Right, I was at the school when Lillian Moore and Perry Brunson were teaching there, also Hector Zaraspe. Went company after that.

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No, but I did dance with Spessivtzeva once. In Valley Cottage, Countess Tolstoy's.

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:D I was just teasing you. But that is muy cool to actually have met and danced with the greats.
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Once during a very bad storm I was the only person who showed up for class. I had the same thing happen- "I'll give you 45 minutes" and I got the 90 minutes instead. That class was wonderful and (at that time I was in pointe shoes at the barre only) she let me do center en pointe because she could focus on me (we didn't have a dedicated pointe class- now I know I shouldn't have been on pointe, but at the time I felt like I was doing well.) It was wonderful and I really enjoyed doing the pointework, as well as the private class- attention wise.


I think, however, I prefer groups.

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I hav never ended up in a surprise private class in ballet. Two or three in class was as close as I got. The extra attention was wonderful.

I have been the only student in a modern class with a teacher I hadn't even met before. That was quite an experience. The teacher seemed to be playing a little game called "Let's see what she can do" and wore me out. It was supposed to be a beginner class but he kept advancing the level until he maxed me out. It was great fun.

I was the only one in a yoga class once as well. That wasn't as much fun. It was imposible to hide weaknesses and I pushed myself too hard and wound up injured.



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I was in a yoga class with one other woman and it was great. During poses the teacher would come over and adjust me, either fixing my pose, pushing me to release a little further into a stretch, or pressing on a tight muscle and relaxing it. I know that might not sound like fun, but this teacher is knowledgeable and very good at putting people at ease (she's also a dancer). I do miss physical corrections since I'm used to getting them from when I was young. Really the line of my attitude derriere and arabesque never looked right until my teachers literally sculpted me into them! I feel lucky to have those mental pictures to fall back on, even though physically I am not the same as I was yet.

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One other thing I forgot to add. I finally was able to tell Ms Dorothy what my main goal in ballet was (which is to learn to dance on pointe). I asked her that in time, did she feel I'd be able to physically and would she encourage my attempt. She grinned and said, "of course" that it was going to be quite possible if I continue to excel and work as I've been doing.


I was tickled pink. :)

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