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October Champagne Couch

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I love the Support Group thread, but it seems that this month especially we might need a place to go to get cheered up (even if it's only vicariously) :sweating: .


I'll go first: I have a long standing bad habit of sitting on my shanks, and for the first time ever I have killed the box of a pair of pointe shoes before the shank :lol: . Of course now I've got to come up with the dough for new shoes soon. :)

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Last night I was approached after class by a guy who dances for a local company. He asked who I am dancing for right now. "uh..no one yet"


But he's going to put in a word for me with his company. They may be still looking for some girls for Nut...

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Woo! Lampwick, how cool.


My good-ish news - I showed my pointe shoes to my teacher tonight and even though they are 5 years old she said they were still good and that they fit fine, and I should try them in pointe class. So hopefully I will not have to buy new shoes after all.


Also, just generally, I am loving ballet at the moment. You know how sometimes it sometimes seems more trouble than it's worth? Well, I am going through a phase where it seems the opposite. I'm so confident, I'm just flying. I spend all day looking forward to class, practicing barre while I boil the kettle, you know the kind of thing.


Now, to do consistently good double pirouettes, that's another story... :)

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LAMPWICK!!! So exciting. Keep us posted! :blushing:


I skipped my usual Tuesday class and went to a new one with a teacher I already take from. This is a class with older teens but they are all nice and easy to deal with and talk nicely to me, etc. I took all of class en pointe, and, if I may say so, managed some really nice double and single pirouettes! En dehor and en dedans. The doubles landed nicely, and the singles basically stopped when I was still up. We didn't do LOADS of pirouettes but still... Me, a turner, what? It made so much sense though - I was warm, I wasn't gripping, I was on my leg, and I wasn't mentally freaking out because I didn't expect them to happen.


The teacher was great with me and gave me same extra stuff to do in some exercises to work through my feet, and afterwards we did some one-foot releves in centre and some more pirouettes. She helped me go over my en dehor turns and they felt so much better. Fingers crossed this keeps up. And at the end of all that she said I'm a 'natural' en pointe... what??? :) It feels so good to feel happy about dance again. And I'm so relieved too. Only problem? In excitement in talking with teacher after class about things to work on, etc, I forgot to pay her!!! :blushing:


I just got off the phone with a friend who went to the 'regular' class, who said it was horrible and she's in pain and that the numbers have dropped. Last week, first week of term, there were 20+ students in that class. This week, 7 - and some of those 7 weren't there last week. I couldn't help but feel a bit :P . That might be horrible of me, and it's not a normal response for me... but wow, this teacher is really shooting herself in the foot.


More things to look forward to - my first private lesson with my :lol: teacher this week. Loads of work to do for teaching in the department, so I'm a bit manic, but the teaching will almost cover the cost of my classes this week, *including* the private. So, there you go.

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Thanks guys.

My impression is that there are thoughts of "expanding" an existing dance to include additional bodies. And I'm the same height and look as the dancers already cast. I'm sure the decision will be based on financial considerations. Can we make two more costumes and pay two more dancers...that type of thing... It's nice to be noticed regardless of whether or not I do a gig this winter.


Ami---sounds like you've made a good decision. Your body will thank you, I'm sure. The pirouettes get better once you're relaxed, and it sounds like this new class is the positive boost you need.


Kate---don't you want new shoes?


This thread is better dido. I wonder if everyone will start to have more "positive" classes because of the positive thread. It could happen...

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Wow, great news from all of you!


Its a hard decision, but I have decided not to dance in Nut. in the student company attached to my studio. I just can't afford the extra time for rehearsals and be able to keep my grades up in school. It is a victory on my part that I am willing to put grades first because last Christmas grades suffered because of dance. And while I love dance, it is probably never going to support me so I need to focus on grades right now.


So if anyone will be in MS and is looking for a Nutcracker to perform in, PM me, my teacher would love to have you for snow!

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I don't think new pointe shoes would be that amazing - I'd have to sew ribbons on them and break them in... (Can you tell how lazy I am?!) And I don't have much spare cash. If I don't like the shoes anymore I already have in class next week I will get some new ones.

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In my lower level class, I was singled out for a compliment for implementing a general correction about really using our heads and epaulément in adagio. Now, I never receive compliments in adagio, so that was doubly great.

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Another triple! Piroettes come and go for me now, because of my shoulder, but about once a week, I get a triple in one direction or another. This week it was right en dehors. I have noticed they come in the early stages of class, today warming up before plies. I'm hoping I get the tension problem taken care of and they become my usual again. It's so hard to snap my head around when my neck and shoulders feel like lead.

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According to my physical therapist my adductor magnus strain is healing well. For the next three weeks I get to go to class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to do barre, and maybe also center barre in the later weeks if things continue to improve. So I'm dancing again, even if it is not a full class. :devil:



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My orthopedic surgeon said at my monthly appointment last week that I might be able to get out of the boot in four weeks if the bone is growing in well, to be conservative he said six weeks.


When he presses on the foot there is no pain so he said I'm ahead there, yay!

He said if I were on a deserted island without the boot it would heal up fine by itself, but since I can't go live on a deserted island I would have to wear the boot. :P


My exercise bike and Pilates class are fun and satisfying and I think my arms and stomach muscles are stronger than before I broke my foot (there WAS a benefit to crutches!). My husband said yesterday that my butt looked bigger :o But went on to explain that he meant better, and rounder (must be the exercise bike). :blushing:



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Deleted- double post

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OK! A shaky one with one hop triple, and a very delayed last revolution triple today- not as clean as the last time but really working on the fast first and second spots. Double attitude en dehors into arabesque came out very clean, and my pas valse and balancé en tournant was very danced, with a smile, and very relaxed. Lame duck doubles were inconsistent but all doubles! :o:shrug::wub: Altogether a good class :bouncing:

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