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Hi, I tried to look at old posts, but didn't find a thread on this subject. My daughter goes to a school that is affiliated with a professional company. I understand that most schools teach one of 3 methods: RAD, Vaganova, etc. I had not heard about these teaching methods until I read this forum. I was wondering if it is common for a school to not declare a certain style of instruction. I hesitate to ask the staff, because, a few years ago a parent was asking about the curriculum and what "goals" the girls had to meet in order to move up a level. She was told that they could not share that information. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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A lot of places use the names of established schools and methods as a sort of "diploma" to teach. All too often, the teachers lack credentials or qualifications to teach the method, but schools like RAD and Cecchetti have legal protections on the use of the names, Vaganova has none. Balanchine, even though I consider it a style, not a separate school, has similar and even more vigorous protections. Most places are actually teaching what I term the "International" school, a sort of Franco-Italian-Russian patois of ballet that most people of whatever school find decipherable.

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In the US you may find most schools are not structured in any particular style, however most professional teachers I know do have goals with each level they teach. Maybe you could ask about the goals for each teacher?

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Thank you for your quick answers. I feel good about what they teach at her school, but I would like to become more informed about ballet as she continues to grow and move up to higher levels. The company seems to feature a mix of classical and contemporary ballets in their performances. I believe the school must be a direct reflection of this combination. I have really enjoyed reading this forum and learning so much about ballet in a relatively short time. Of course, it might take me years to cover all the subjects found here, but it is something I am truly enjoying! :wink:

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Oops, I forgot to respond to vrsfanatic about speaking with the teachers regarding individual goals. This was the question posed by a parent a while back, and they were told that information could not be shared. I have a feeling it was to keep parents from pushing to have their DD moved up when they could meet the listed goals. The teachers/staff have to deal with so many parents, I generally feel it is best to ask only the really important questions (scheduling, ballet slipper approval, etc). They know more ballet than I will ever know, and I trust their ability to decide when my child is ready to move up. As long as she is happy, I'm happy!

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