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On pointe at last?

jane s

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My teacher finally assessed me for pointe last night - and said "there's no reason why I can't" go on pointe after half-term if I want to, as long as I work hard on keeping my legs straight on releve, but she "doesn't really see the point of spending all that money on pointe shoes at your age"! (late 30's).


On discussing this with her further, it turned out that the reason she said that was because the last adult she put on pointe didn't like it and quit after 3 lessons - so it's actually nothing to do with me or my dancing at all!


Anyway she gave me the card I apparently need so that the shop will fit me - but should I or shouldn't I?


All I will be doing is the real basics at the barre, like rises, stepping up to pointe, "cycling" throught the feet & (only when I have mastered those) echappes & releves - that's as far as it goes in Inter Foundation.


I'm just worried about my weight - am I too heavy at 40lb over my ideal weight? Still, gives me a REALLY good incentive to lose some of it...!



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Congratulations!!! :devil:


I don't think anyone can tell you whether you should get pointes now or not: only you can decide...

It's gonna be harder if you still need to lose some weight, but then again maybe you can get them and start, and if it's too hard just wait a little longer until you've lost the superfluous pounds? Like you said it will definitely motivate you to get towards your ideal weight!


Something else: if you don't get them now, I don't think your teacher will ask again because she probably doesn't want to "push" you, especially after the other adult student gave up so quickly.

So then you have to assess when you want to get on pointe, and I think one is more likely to hesitate in such a situation.


Of course it is a bit of an investment, so it would be a waste if you won't like it, but it sounds like you really want to be on pointe, so I think you should give yourself the chance!

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Congratulations! :flowers:


(I am certain I am not qualified to comment on whether the weight is an issue or not. 40 lbs sounds much when you put it that way, but then again, what is "ideal weight"? There's a huge range of "normal" above "ideal" in many weight tables, after all. And I should think your teacher has seen you and knows what you look like, so she's probably figured that in already... :devil: Maybe another teacher here can say somethig more useful than me, though.)

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It's nice to know you are ready for pointe, even if you don't decide to do the class.


Why don't you give it a go? You know it's not going to put you off ballet altogether, so even if you don't like it, you will have tried.

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Not a ballet student, just mom of a dancer, but MY mother, at 60, decided she wanted to try ballet lessons, and now at age 67 is not only taking the advanced adult class four times a week, but proudly wears pointe shoes and takes point with "college kids" twice a week! If it's what you want, go for it!

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Congratulations jane! I say go for it, you won't know unless you try it. And honestly, you might decide that it is not for you, but at least you've given it a try and will know what you're missing if you decide not to continue.


I LOVE pointe work, even though I'm only doing the very most basic of rolling through to pointe on one foot, and simple relevés at the barre. Sure, it's not terribly comfortable at first, but why not give it a try at least?


Good luck with your decision....


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Well, I thought about it & I've decided to at least go for the fitting - so I made an appointment for Monday. I'll still have the option that if I don't feel happy after trying them on, I don't actually have to buy, but at least I'll be giving it a chance!


Cathy, I think you are right, this is the only opportunity I am likely to be given, and as you say, once I have them, I have them!


Jaana, the 40lb is based on taking my target weight as the centre of the "normal" weight range for my height. So in reality I would have to lose about 35lb to even get to that range (& when I was younger, my normal weight was at the lower end of it, & that would still be my personal ideal); however, I would be ecstatic if I lost 20lb!


But I am determined to try for the sake of my health if not my vanity, since I am an "apple" shape & not a "pear", i.e. most of my excess weight is on the 3B's - breasts, belly & bum! :)


I had a good class last night as well - a lot of people were absent, so there was plenty of space at the barre; she did a lot of unset, so we were all starting from the same point & I actually did better than some of the more experienced ones at getting the combinations; and she went over one of the exercises I couldn't get & I know it now!


Also, I got my pose tours on the left for the first time, & my balance was much better throughout & I got my leg higher - maybe I just tried harder now I have a bit of extra motivation!



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