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bring on the bubbly!


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I'm not sure what was different today in class but I have never before gotten a really smooth double before this... a few sloppy ones...some with bad landing, or some other little flaw but this one was smooth as butter and the landing right on, I then took off and did another. Best of all my teacher saw them too and said I made them look easy. And here I almost didn't make it to class because I was feeling stiff and bleh.

oh & here's hoping it wasn't a fluke ! :wub:

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welldone amotol :shrug:


great feeling - hopefully one day i will achieve doubles :o

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I did a beautiful double once in my living room. Perfect takeoff, perfect turn and spot, and a perfect landing. Luckily my roomate was there to witness it and she was like...."oh my god that was amazing." I am not very good a turning in place. Of course that was months ago and it never actually happened again. It was a total fluck, but someone told me that if you did it once your body is capable of doing it again. I gave up on the double to try to perfect my single which is still not wonderful. While I can spin around and land 100% of the time without wobbling and falling over I still have to get the spot and the placement right. Those damn pirouettes! :(

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Doubles WILL come back, really! I was starting to worry that I had only dreamed I once did doubles -- my pirouettes for the past couple of months have been kind of a mess and I sort of resigned myself to going back to singles again. But then yesterday in class, I hit doubles just about every time. They weren't quite clean -- good balance, but a sort of drifting spot on the second revolution -- but I had this feeling that why, yes, I AM someone who does doubles as a matter of course, not just by accident! :thumbsup:

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I have recurring dreams that I can stay up their and turn 5 or 6 before I come down on a beautiful landing.


I did a proper one alone in my brother's living room (with no witnesses) and one after class while everyone was packing up.


It does feel wonderful when you start to progress from the single stage to the multiple stage. It's rewarding that your hard work has paid off.


Well done!! :innocent:




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I once did six pirouettes over and over in the studio while others were getting fitted for costumes...never happened again. But what fun it was! Congratulations! :(

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