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It has been a while since I've posted, just been sitting back and taking it all in! DD and the family found what we believe to be a great new home. All the parents there have been so helpful and willing. DD's teachers have all the praises and corrections she seemed to have lacked before. Our next move ...1st official pointe class Monday. She is on cloud nine, I'm ready to bite every nail off! I have been reassured that if her teacher has approved for this move, than it is a good move. So now what do I expect over the next year or so, number of pairs of shoes to be used, class increases, summer study (in Atlanta, Ga) someone clue a mom in?

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Good for you and your dd. :thumbsup:


The first year on pointe is exciting...and bewildering I think. At my dd's school they begin pointe work very slowly. I'd read on this board about how quickly dancers go through pointe shoes and I'd wonder...because dd's didn't die....not that I'm sure that at that time we really knew what a dying pointe shoe really was. Most of the focus was on actually finding a pointe shoe that worked for her. She tried a variety of shoes for 2 years before finding one that works well. I think part of the pointe shoe sage related to foot growth and strength.


I may be wrong but I think it's rare for a young dancer to find the perfect pointe shoe the first fitting. It's a true trial and error situation. I strongly recommend that you and your dd complete the pointe shoe form on the pointe shoe forum. Ms. Devor will make recommendations for pointe shoes to try. It has worked well for us.


At some point in the early pointe shoe journey...I felt like I was in Alfred Hitchcock's Birds...only I wasn't being attacked by birds....but by pointe shoes of all sizes, shapes, widths, vamps, boxes, shanks, cost...while my dd sat there looking dreamingly at all of them. :wub:


So after a year or so wondering why everyone's pointe shoes were dying..or more of why weren't dd's dying...we had our pointe shoe dawning. As pointe work increased, point shoe purchases increased. Once dd's foot stopped growing and the Perfect shoe was found...we can buy shoes with more confidence and through different sources.


After the journey through pointe shoe selection @#$%, then begins the trip through the pointe shoe pads inferno. Your car and purse will be filled with ouch pouches, lambs wool, moleskin, first aid tape, blue tape, lambsy pads. You will become an officianado on every type of bandaid, tape and their moisture proof data. You will find mutant creatures that are a frightening array of tape, hairnets, hair pins and toe spacers...you can't kill them...I tried. They love to appear in front of non dancing friends who have no clue...and who will never look at you the same.


After pointe shoes and pads...comes glue. Glue is our latest pointe school experience. DD now glues her shoes to extend her life....and once again, my knowledge base has expanded to all brands of glue and shellac.


My dear husband no longer asks questions of why there are air drops of pointe shoes, wads of tape caught in the cat's tail or the smell of a factory in our house. After we found two birds nests with hairnets in the trees...he recognized that this ballet life is bigger than all of us. It's best to smile and enjoy. :giveup::cool2:

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Thank you so much, I'll be sure to pass that on to my husband. he will get a good laugh out of knowing his near future and that he is not alone.


Our first shoe fitting was less painful than I expected. It was absolutely made easier by the arrangement that our studio owner made to have the fitters and shoes brought to us. She then approved of each and every shoe for those girls selected, others who were deemed as needing more work, focus ect and she had them fitted for pre-pointe shoes. This was a true blessing in comparison to a friend of mine who's daughter still attends our old studio. Several years ago when har DD was to begin pointe they were more or less sent out into the darkness with little preperation or knowledge. To this day her DD says she was "thrown" onto pointe.

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I chuckled at babsaroo's post. Those bun bunnies turn up everywhere. In 21 months we've gone through 9 pairs of pointe shoes. Only one pair was dead. DD went from size 6.5 to 8.5 in a year. Unfortanly unlike street shoes I couldn't get them with growing room so every half size meant a new pair. We found the brand and styles she liked after only 4 purchases. I hope I don't jinx this but I think we've found the right make and model. Did the toe pad routine and after several different kinds she seems to be happy. Of course new ones will be introduced to the market and she'll hear all about it at the SIs. There are threads on the numbers of classes at different ages. DD went to her first SI at 11 but didn't board. You're at the right place to be clued in.

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