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Music: Esmerelda

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I am trying to find the music from the woman's variation from Esmerelda. I believe it is part of the Grand Pas. BUT, I am trying to find it in the orchestra version. I CANNOT find it anywhere...help?

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I believe it is on one of the Ballet Gala Albums, by Richard Bonynge and the English Chamber Orchestra or the London Symphony Orchestra. The label is London. I don't have them here to give you the numbers.

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I just checked Amazon.com. There is a full length Esmeralda, and there is the Ballet Gala album which has the pas de deux. Click on the banner, above, and go to Amazon. Click on Classical Music and type in Esmeralda. The full ballet comes up immediately, and you will find the Ballet Gala album if you scroll down a bit. I tried to put a link to the page, but it didn't work.

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You had to know that you got me out of your hair too quickly :blushing: One question though, it says that it is the "Pas de Deux," but do you think that it includes the variations as well?

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The variations for both "Diana and Acteon" and the Esmeralda pas de deux are there on the Bonynge recordings. Now whether either is the one you want.... There is a lot of music in that ballet, and some are pas de deux.

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There are some significant copyright questions opened by that site.  I wouldn't say a word against them, just ask questions, like how these recordings fit in with the International Accords on Copyright Agreement, aka the Berne and Geneva Conventions on International Copyright.  They seem "ripped" from audio tracks from videos, so I wonder about the legalities involved.

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