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Here's another fine school with a great dance department;Barnard. There's a dance major program with Allegra Kent, Katie Glasner,and other notables teaching ballet. You don't have to audition,just have to get into the school on solid academics (which of course is not an easy thing here) :D.It's a small.pretty campus,part of Columbia,in the heart of NYC.A great place to dance while getting a top education-if you're a real smartie! :blushing:

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i know this is a topic from ages ago, but isn't this an all girls school? AND with all girls schools, where do they get guys for partnering? do they skip that?

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Ah the wonders of Barnard and Columbia University. :P Check out Barnard's website and you'll see that the students take classes at both places, etc. (The two are directly across the street from each other, too.)


Oh yes, and here is a good thread to read for information about Barnard, and other NYC college/university programs: NYC Colleges with Strong Dance Departments. :)

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I attend Barnard College, and while it is true that the girls vastly outnumber the guys (which I think you will find is the case any where) this year we have two guys that are definitely good at partnering...in fact, I believe one danced with Smuin for a while.

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i'm pre-excusing myself if there's another post on this, couldn't find it.


okay, so i'm a junior who is just starting to look at colleges (i know, a bit late) and i want to get a couple of things straight that i couldn't find on the websites of either of these colleges.

1) it is the same dance program, right?

2) i was looking at the courses and it looks like each level meets only twice a week. that's not enought ballet for me. are the students expected to take outside classes? are there way more classes than this which are simply not listed?


by the way, a bit on my history, late starter (13) and london doesn't offer the best training for people my age (now 15) who aren't in full time schools like ENB or royal upper school or central or rambert..... (i really wish my parents would let me audition but no i have to go to college- i probably wouldn't get in anyway, but it would be nice to know) so i only get eight hours of class a week. i don't think any of the top ballet colleges would be an option for me simply because i would not get in. that aside, i really love ballet and even though i may not have the best natural facility (ahem chubby legs ahem ahem) i want to continue my training and maybe, when i'm older audition for some smaller companies if i've proven to be good enough. i was really hoping to get more ballet in college and i've heard that this is a good program, am i just reading the schedule wrong or something stupid like that? (i've been known to do things like that (blame the dyslexia))


thanks for all responses :)

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:) sorry again BW, somehow i've been able to find this board in the past but it didn't really pop out at me last night, i'll know next time. thanks for being here to correct my mistakes!
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I have only dealt with the admissions process at Barnard, but based on a very positive experience, could highly recommend this college choice at least for user friendliness. I went through the Barnard application process in 2001 and 2006. In 2006, younger dd also sampled an Allegra Kent advanced class and I spoke with admissions officers about combining Barnard's own offerings with the many class offerings in New York. I also asked about taking a leave of absence if a dancer, subsequent to admission, managed to land a professional company position.


Dd was very taken with the Allegra Kent class and impressed with several of the dancers who dd felt were pre-pro level. Ms. Kent was very gracious and welcoming in addition to teaching a lovely and challenging class. The Dance Department chair, Mary Cochran, is well known to older dd as an accomplished and friendly dancer (former Paul Taylor company member--principal dancer, I believe) and teacher who is both approachable, knowlegeable, and helpful. I would encourage anyone who is interested to contact her.


Admissions officers told me leave of absence is handled on a case by case basis and that they have had students working professionally in the past with NYC Ballet and on Broadway during leaves of absence. These students are welcome to return when they need and want to after requesting and being granted readmittance without needing to reapply. :thumbsup:


As to Barnard being an all girls school, while this is ostensibly true, IMHO they have the best of both worlds. Barnard College is a part of Columbia University. Aside from the exclusively Columbia sequence of core courses offered in the first two years, Barnard students have full access to all Columbia courses, faculty, facilities (including some dorms!), programs, etc. Meanwhile, Barnard is dedicated to women's academic excellence and leadership, and many programs are in place to specifically promote women's overall success and achievement. This is becoming increasingly rare, as there are so few all female schools, and most of those don't have such close (across the street) access to a world class University like Columbia. Conversely, male and female Columbia students have full access (with the similar exception of an exclusive sequence for first years and others) to all other Barnard offerings including the fine Dance Department.


With the wealth of great opportunities to train in NYC (at all hours of the day and evening), combined with the Barnard Dance Department itself, this seemed a fine college choice for dancers. The variety of class time makes it more feasible to customize the college schedule around the training opportunities. We also considered the option of taking a leave of absence to be especially important in how we crafted our college plans.


Good luck sorting through your options :blink: Don't get discouraged by the increasingly difficult and intimidating college application process. There are many creative options out there for your dks. Think outside the box :crying:

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I am a interested in Barnard. I was wondering those who have been accepted or go there do you feel ballet is what helped get you in? Or helped alot? Thanks for any information.

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Barnard is fabulous! My younger daughter is a Jr. there, and loves it. She no longer dances, but several of her friends are very happy in the dance program. They do have the beast of both worlds, as mentioned above. Most take classes across the street at Columbia, also.


My other daughter was accepted there several years ago, but managed to get a job as a ballet dancer instead. To answer the question above, I remember them showing an interest in her ballet background upon her acceptance.

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I am interested in the dance program that Barnard offers, but I am just curious how it works between Barnard and Columbia. If I were to apply to Columbia I would actually be taking the dance classes through Barnard, and applying to the Barnard dance program, correct? And does anybody know how Columbia views this joint program? In other words, do they consider it to be more of a Barnard program, or is it "Columbia's" dance program as well, and are they involved in it too? I apologize if these questions have already been answered, I am just trying to figure out how this works between the two schools! Thanks to anybody who can answer! :shrug:

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Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I believe that if you want to be a dance major that you apply to barnard not columbia. When your are a barnard student you can then take academic classes at columbia. I know that it is Barnard's dance program. Hope this helps. Maybe Pnbmom could futher answers your questions.

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Since I will be attending Columbia next year and taking classes at Barnard, I can give you a little insight on how the system works. Students from Columbia and Barnard both have the benefit of taking classes offered by the other school. This is true even if the particular department or program is located exclusively at the other school (such as Barnard's Theater and Dance Departments). It is certainly possible for a Columbia student to earn a degree through the Dance Department, even though is is Barnard's dance program. In fact, when I visited a class earlier this year, the teacher took a moment to point out that the class consisted of Barnard students, Columbia students, majors, minors, students simply taking classes, etc. There truly is no such distinction between Columbia and Barnard students, and one's school will not be a limitation when considering majors or class choices.

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Hi, I am looking into Barnard mainly as a back up school, but the more I hear about it, the more I like it. I'm want choreography to be my concentration so does anyone know anything about the choreography classes? Thanks!

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