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Hello everyone. I'm a junior who is seriously considering Barnard/Columbia. I'm sure this is just my own ineptitude, but I can't find any information about double majors on the Barnard website. Can any of the current students tell me if it is possible to double major with the Barnard dance department?

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Barnard offers need-based financial aid to all students, which of course includes dance majors. (At Barnard, you don't declare a major until the end of sophomore year.)


Barnard does not offer merit scholarships. Of course, professors and the deanery do help students apply for outside funding for research and projects.


Overall (speaking as a Barnard alumna), I would say Barnard's financial aid is on the generous side, especially given the comparatively small size of the school's endowment. However, Barnard is not in the same category as some of the Ivies -- who will provide full tutition, if necessary, to an admitted student.


Here's the financial aid section of the Barnard site: http://www.barnard.edu/finaid/

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Could anyone provide a dance major's typical daily schedule? Are ballet classes offered every day? I was looking online and many seemed to only be offered two days a week.

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Most dance classes do meet 2x / week, but you can register for multiple classes. For the most advanced level of ballet (level VI), technique and separate pointe classes are offered 4 days / week, and on Friday, Allegra Kent teaches a 2-hour level V class. The Columbia Ballet Collaborative also offers an open Saturday morning class, and Steps on Broadway is just a few subway stops away. The problem isn't really finding enough classes, but finding a way to fit them all in.


Since it's not a BFA program, there's no sequence of technique classes that must be taken each semester for the dance major. And unlike BFA programs where it seems necessary to look for academic classes that will fit into your dance schedule, at Barnard / Columbia it's much more a matter of finding dance classes that will fit into your academic schedule, so an open mind and wide range of dance interests is a huge asset.

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Hi, I want to major in dance in hopes of receiving additional training while getting a double major in something else. I want to dance professionally (in a ballet company), but my parents want me to have a back up plan so I won't starve. So, I am looking for school that has good academics, yet also is very strong in the dance department. With this in mind, do you think Barnard will fulfill this? Does anyone know if they have alumni that go on to dance professionally? Are most dance majors hoping to pursue a career in dance or is it more to just keep dancing in college/recreational?



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Could anyone provide a dance major's typical daily schedule? Are ballet classes offered every day? I was looking online and many seemed to only be offered two days a week.


Hopefully you've already seen this~!! :unsure:http://www.columbia.edu/cu/bulletin/uwb/

The way that most of us do it is to take several classes per week- like, there is a MW and a T Th class usually that you can fit into your schedule. The rest of the time, Steps on Broadway is fairly close by and a good place to take dance. It's also easy to do a morning and an evening class that way too. :wink:

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Please provide 2011-2012 ballet update and info re: quantity and quality of male ballet dancers participating in Barnard/Columbia ballet program. What suggestions (ballet or otherwise) do you have for a serious male ballet dancer who is interested in a Columbia education (and wants to continue his ballet training)?

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I'm not sure if this is in the right place, so feel free to move this post! Does anybody know anything about the pre-college "dance in the city" program at Barnard during the summer? There is not much information about it on the website and I would like to know more about it! I am currently a sophomore in high school and going to be a junior next year.

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As I remember it, there's usually an academic class in the morning, technique class in the afternoon and trip to see a performance in the evening. The people I know who did it liked it a lot.


They used to have a pretty detailed brochure -- have you tried contacting the Summer in the City administrators for more info?

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I did but they have not responded yet. Do you know if it's more for advanced dancers or beginners? I've only been doing ballet for two years with some jazz before that...

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My friends were intermediate and advanced dancers. I would assume there are multiple levels for the technique classes. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful!

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