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Seriously Surprised and Sullen


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As mentioned late last week, I went to the main campus of my studio for an adult ballet class on Saturday. I guess I was assuming it would be great considering it was at the main center.


Anyway...when I got to the main arts building, it was huge and glorious and grand. I ran into Ms. Lister who directed me where to go for class. I got up to the small rehearsal studio to find most of my classmates already there stretching. Two of the girls seemed really limber so I braced myself thinking they would be really good and advanced and technical and extended.


Then the teacher arrived. Seeing me she introduced herself saying that she "did it all" but was mostly into modern. You probably already know what happened.


Warm-up, I enjoyed as it was basically floor barre.


Now at barre...the exercises are done lightening fast with no extended holds on half pointe and no corrections. The girl beside me (who was flexible) was far from what I expected. Everyone in the class seemed to just go through the motions without paying attention to if their feet were pointed, their legs straight and turned out.


In centre, there was no adagio combinations given. She DID however give the class cabrioles (which nobody could do, nor did anyone appear ready to be at this point) at barre and in centre.


All-in-all, it was quite disappointing. I was expecting serious students...not just girls who like to look cute in leos and colorful scarfs and wraps.


I think I will look for another studio in the area where I can pick up an extra drop in class. It simply wasn't worth the 45 minute drive.

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Aaw, I'm sorry to hear that your experience was not a good one, especially so since you had to drive 45 min to attend the class. But hey, if you didn't try out the class, you wouldn't have known! All the best in your search for a good studio :(

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I always call and ask the receptionist all these questions like..."do you offer adult ballet? If so...what times and what levels?" If they say that I can take their 16 year old level 5 class, that they only offer it one time per week and it's all levels, or if they mention that it is a "ballet related strech class for adults," I polietly thank them and say goodbye. Try to find a school that offers adults more than one level more than 1x per week. Another good sign is a receptionist who asks you questions like..."what is your ballet and dance background?" Hopefully this might help you for next time. I also stalk the name of the school or studio on the internet and see if i can find a website or other information. Anything to save me from the 45 minute trip, the hour and a half out of my night, and the $15. You can usually tell alot by doing a little research and asking some quetions.

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That's just it...this is the main HQ of my school. My school offers a serious adult ballet class 3 times a week (I can only make two because I work during the day). This main HQ trains and houses the area company as well as housing a school for gifted students (who audition from the area schools and train in ballet every day).


I would just have figured the main school would have a better program than its satallite branch (where I attend).

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From what I see and hear, it seems really to be that it's not the school, it's the teacher, and this is even more so for adult classes.

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I would tend to lean in that direction as well. None of the students in the class really seemed to care. They were probably there for more of a ballet fitness regime while I want to better my technique and placement...ultimately achieving a goal of dancing on pointe (and perhaps doing some small performances).

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I agree with what others have said. Classes take on their own personalities, and it is really hard to change group dynamics sometimes. There are a couple of classes taught by the same teacher at my school and the culture in these classes is just completely different.

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