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Just wanted to know if anyone is planning on attending the New Works Festival for Cincinnati Ballet on November 1st through the 12th.

I would love to hear your critiques!

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Tango49's son will be dancing a principal role in Le Corsaire and also appearing in Enrage by Kirk Peterson. :P I'd love to hear all about it, if anyone goes! :)

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Thanks for the mention balletbooster... it's only a week away and we all are quite excited!


Redstorm...Is the piece you mentioned "A Fine Balance" by Sarah Slipper (a duet) or "Duet" by Viktor Kabaniaev? Tango

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Tango49: It is "Duet" By Viktor Kabaniaev....(he is dd's teacher)

He will be there for the first night and then he is headed back home. The girls miss him....and they need to get ready for thier upcoming Festival performance!

And a congrats to your son!!

Are you going to attend any of the performances?

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Redstorm...No we won't be there for this performance unfortunately but we'll be there in spirit as always! And we can always count on a play by play from Joseph after it's all over! We are planning to drive up in Feb. though for Swan Lake.


Yes I'm anxious to see how these vignettes are recieved (8 in all I believe) as several are world premieres. Good luck to your daughter in the Festival and let us know about the results...it is a choreography competition, yes? I did go on the site and noticed some pretty famous names who have been given lifetime awards in the past. Enjoy!

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Tango49 and Redstorm


My DD and I are going to try and get to one of the performances. DD dance ensemble was given a block of free and a block of half price tickets to attend and we do want to go. The problem for us is just lousy timing. DD has her first dance ensemble performance this weekend and then the week of Nov. 7 starts teching for the school's musical which opens the sometime mid-nov (I do know the dates but I must be blocking them out of my mind). And mixed in with this she still has Nutcracker rehearsals and homework ( at lest the homework is infrequent). For us finding the free evening sometimes proves problematic.


BUT we will do our best to get there. DD is very interested since just yesterday her dance ensemble was allowed to watch one of the company classes. The up close and personal seemed to really intrigued her.


I will let you know if we get there and can send my extremely uniformed feedback.


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Please do calamitous! I doubt your feedback will be uninformed! Remember most posters here are not critics but just ballet lovers and moms and dads... your views are most welcome. Do hope you can fit one of the performances into your schedule!


I can understand how intriguing that up close and personal aspect of watching company class could be for your daughter. I hope she was inspired if just abit!

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Ha ha Tango-

We live in a house hold where distributed expertise in the way to we. Amd my expertise is not dance. I do the academic -particularly math science- side of the life (as well as the earning money side), my husband does the music/vocal with a little theatre thrown in, and DD does the dance (and fashion). So even if I wanted to be the informed party, it is not my role. DD owns this one and we have to rely on her to interpret for us. Now if I can convince her to tell me the ins and outs of what happened technically, I can provide a better descroption, but if she is being 13 and over tired, I may get nothing.


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How did this all turn out. I'm just one of those people that, until recently, lurked into the volumes of material left behind by those of you who posted frequently. I read this "thread" (as an embroidered, it's still hard to thing that some thread don't fit through my needle's eyes, even the big chenille needles!) and I wonder about the end. How was the performance? The world premier? The soloist's role? I only figured out the soloist a week ago. He once partnered a young lady I know rather well. Years ago. Only recently did I find all the information about his successes in NYC. I was too caught up in Helsinki at the time; but, I love these regional events. I adorn new ideas, new themes, new attempts to engage a rather football loving public with the beauty and grace that can only exist on the stage. So, how is life on the professional stages of my beloved Ohio? (Okay, I like football too. OSU, Class of '80)

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Mouse - congrats to OSU on their football win, although I was born and raised in Madison, Wi so feeling good about an OSU win is hard for me.

As for the New Works festival. In the end we did not go. MY DD was preparing for her first program in the school performance group, and her school's musicals, so if she wasn't rehearsing we were trying to fit in homework.

However, the program was very well received by the critics. One peice was not particularly liked but I think it was the only not new piece. The program sold out for, I believe all the performances but the Thursday night ones. I believe the Cinci Ballet is doing well performance wise. They have a beautiful new 400 or so seat theatre in their building. This allows them to do more frequent productions for smaller, groups and these have been very well received and difficult to get a ticket to.


Sorry I don't have anything more specific to say.

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Calamitous... I agree that Cincinnati Ballet is doing very well in all respects and that the 'New Works' festival was a big success. Hope you'll get to see Swan Lake in February, we'll be up for that one!


Mouse...I'm just guessing here, but your mention of the soloist at CB...were you referring to my son? If so let me guess that the girl you know that was once his partner...could her name start with an 'S'? Too bad you don't have PM yet as I'd love to know how she's doing. Last time I spoke with her mother she seemed to be thriving at UBA. A very sweet girl and a lovely dancer too! Tango


-- Edited by Moderator to remove student name.

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From the Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/9/06:


Cincinnati Ballet is getting a gift of dancers from an anonymous Indianapolis dance patron. When the Indianapolis Ballet closed in mid-November, a patron stepped forward to ensure that many dancers would get work, covering salary and benefits for the remainder of the season.


Today six former Indianapolis company members are in the Cincinnati Ballet studio rehearsing for "Swan Lake" in February.


Cincinnati audiences are already familiar with Alexei Tyukov, who was a guest artist in "Don Quixote" and who has been showcased in several international evenings of ballet in Europe and North America.


Tyukow will be a principal dancer with Cincinnati Ballet for the remainder of the season. His wife, Maria Tyukova, will join the corps, and Cheiko Oiwa has joined the ranks of soloists. Three dancers are signed on as supplemental performers for "Swan Lake" only.


Ballet artistic director Victoria Morgan says she is thrilled with the gift, however short-term. Does Indianapolis need a visiting ballet? "We'll investigate," she says.



Ref: Demaline, J. Ballet adds dancers from defunct Indy corps. (2005, January 9). The Cincinnati Enquirer, p. A2

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Thanks for posting this msd. How nice to hear of such generosity from a patron! Victoria Morgan has graciously found room in her company for these 6 dancers and will no doubt be an example to other AD's alike. There is no doubt that these dancers will make this winter/spring season very memorable indeed for CB. Good luck to them all! Tango

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Am I missing something? The post doesn't seem to say who the six dancers are (or am I missing it?) Does anyone know the names of the six former Indy dancers who are now with Cincinnati? Thx.

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New names have been added to the list of dancers, literally 2 minutes ago. The only ones I know for sure are 2 Harid graduates Lydia Lanier and Mallory Post. The other Harid student, Lauren Post, spent 3 years in our program before moving on to BI this year prior to her graduation.




Also an interesting article on the subject: http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?

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