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Things that make you go "Ughhhhhhhhhh"

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At ballet class last week, we were all at the barre waiting to do an exercise. There was plenty of barre space so we each had a section each. A girl comes in slightly late and stands right behind me, despite having a completely empty barre (and other empty barres) on the other side of me (these barres are free standing). I have long legs so I ended up moving to the other side as we did one exercise and I couldn't literally move she was that close to me. I asked her " Did she need to stand behind me as she didn't know the steps?". She said " No". So I then said "Oh, i'll stand over on this side (the other side) then". It doesn't bother me what side I stand on, but its beyond me that some people don't get the concept of space? and it makes me go UGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.



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We had the same thing last night! There is limited barre space and then there are other things to hold on to. If you come late, you forego barre space. But no, a few girls waltz in late and proceed to crowd out the barre, so those who had been there early were forced to move. It drives me nuts, and I think it's very inconsiderate!

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I went to a new class last night, and there was a difficultish combination, so after I had gone I started to mark it with the next group. Without noticing I stood right next to a person who was actually doing it! I tried to get out of the way but did not do that very well. Afterwards, she asked me, very friendly, to please don't stay so close, so we have room to move. All I could do was apologice, but I was so embarrassed... in a new class, too. :P:)


I'm glad she was so friendly and nice about it.

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It bugs me too, but I reckon I've been guilty of it in the centre (especially in contemporary, where I tend to travel more in unpredictable directions).

However last night, no matter where I stood, this one girl kept standing too close to me, even though I kept moving into different spots!

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Oh my god! Thats like my biggest pet peve in ballet. I REALLY can't stand it when someone dances right in front of you so you can't see the mirror. Or when a less experienced student marks right behind you. I just kinda keep moving away hoping they will get the hint.

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Without noticing I stood right next to a person who was actually doing it! I tried to get out of the way but did not do that very well.


Unfortunately that has happen to me as well, and not only once. :yawn:

I may be so deep in my thoughts that I just don't realize what's happening and suddenly... :dry: ...its too late to move.


Well, everytime I've found myself doing that, I just try to apologize and hope that no-one hates me for this. :yucky:


That barre-thing is complicated if and when all the advanced students stay in the middle and if you are new to the class or haven't done the combinations, it's quite embarrassing to go to stand in the other end of the barre (doesn't matter which end). And if there are no mirrors in front of you, you don't necessarily have a clue what you should be doing.


So I've sometimes asked if I can place myself in front of someone although they were there first, because I know that technically it doesn't matter where they stand. I know that many students have their favourite places at the barre so I've considered very carefully if I dare to open my mouth, but sometimes I've just had to. :yes:


And actually some teachers ask people to switch places if they realize that there's a newbie at the end of the barre and I think it's a good system.

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I'm not sure what to do in my situation. I'm taking a class that the teacher has very graciously let me join - it's a college class - and there are students taking the class for credit. I'm just there because I love to take class, and I tend to place myself near the back row of the group for that reason - the people taking the class for credit should be given the space......


but......I like to do the combinations full out and find that a majority of the students don't want to be in the front row - where there is more room to move. I end up getting kind of squeezed in where I am.


I think my only solution is to go ahead and step up to the front row, but I don't want the other students to take offense. What to do?

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Try standing at the front. If you're good enough, go for it. My teachers are always saying it's the polite thing to do... although in some of my classes there is still an unspoken argument not to be at the front, and fairly frequently, there is an 'invisible' front row, with everyone squeezed further towards the back. It makes no sense. In classes where I know I am one of the better ones I always go to the front if there's more space.

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Space is an important thing to a dancer and if there is lots of space and no one's using it well that's a waste. So step up and use the space available. I think its so sad when you have a large studio and everyone's crowded at the back. It's not big headed or egoistic.

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My defense is that I really know better, don't usually do it, did not notice she was going, and moved as soon as I did notice.


It's doubly sad because I hate it when it happens the other way round. :dry::yes:


But I'm really glad the person talked to me. She did not know me, and so I could have been someone who really did not know better. And she was really friendly, and spoke with a low voice so that I don't think anyone else could have been disturned, and I can't imagine anyone would have been offended! And I also felt better when I saw that she tried to help me, when I was new to the class, even if it was in such a thing as etiquette. :yucky:


So I would like to suggest that you (we?) all talk to people who do this whenever it is possible to do so without disturbing the class, and if you at all feel you can do it nicely.

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Also - I understand a newbie's dilemma and I understand when being in the way 'just happens'. (And actually, I usually stand at the end of the barre). If someone asks if I mind trading places, so they can follow an exercise, no problem. If someone (myself included!) gets in the way of someone else, and apologises or so - fine. But, running into class late, where there is very limited barre space, and squeezing in between two people who are already as close as they can get - not fair. I arrived before class but still later than others yesterday, and I happily grabbed a big stack of chairs (okay, not happily, but I knew that I shouldn't squeeze others out). I saw other dancers, of all levels, get squeezed into corners or actually have to attempt to hold onto the wall because others, who got there *late*, took their space. Not nice.

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Yeah, Ami, I see the difference, and as I said, it annoys me too when people do those things.

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Ami, yes, there's a difference if arriving late. I just wanted to point out that sometimes there may be a reason if someone tries to squeeze herself between two persons. :yes:


Jaana, I hope I don't do that all the time either, but I've noticed that sometimes when I'm concentrating very hard and marking the steps I don't necessarily realize that the first group has already started.

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I don't know how to put this delicately...

But there's sometimes people who I can't tell if they're MARKING or actually DOING the combo and it leads to some spacial confusions... The marking and the doing are of a similar quality of execution :shrug:


Like I thought that someone just took thier turn, but they were only marking. And other times I've left a space, thinking that someone was about to "start", but they had actually just finished.

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