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I am currently taking 5 to 7 classes per week and is having exam on early Dec.

However, I am advised to take 3 classes with more advanced students, learning their sets, 1- 2 on free classes with all advanced students and 1 class of my own set.


It is only me who is having a schedule like this in the this. Everyone in my level is taking 4 to 5 classes on syllabus every week and usually only take the free class and more advanced classes when they need to do their make ups. Therefore, I would like to ask whether I will need to take more classes with my exam sets in the coming weeks for the the exam.


Of course, I think my teacher is qutie confidnece on me that I wll be able to remember the sets alright, but I am just worry that I will experience a kind of stage fright and forget everything in the exam.

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In the run-up to examination, most students seem to do quite well with a schedule including only two syllabus classes, and then have free or other enriched class material to prepare for the exam. I think that as long as you keep two of your own syllabus classes, you will be all right. Once the music starts, there are still ballets where I make an involuntary start when "my cue" comes.

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Thanks alot for your quick reply. I think I need to relax a bit and will keep the same schedule at this moment or add one more syllabus 2 weeks before the exam as I am sure that I will become too exhausted if I add on any classes now.


Thanks again.

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