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A little early I know but...

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I know it is a little early for SIs but my job has limited holiday space and we need to book them early.


Has anybody attended the London Peerformers course and how did you find it?


Is anyone planning on going next summer?


Any info would great :innocent:

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I attended the advanced ballet course two years ago and really enjoyed it!! It was quite like an average week at the school, where we did daily class in technique, pointe, solos, rep, contemporary, jazz, and body conditioning. At the end of the week wew performed the rep and solos we had learnt to a group of parents and friends. I was 16 when I did the course, and everyone was about my age.

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Thanks Rmc. At 25 I'll be older than most of the students and I wont be doing the advanced course. Luckily I am short and I look young so I might be able to pass myself off as a teenager!


The London Studio Centre holds the course.

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The RAD also hold summer schools in London, and I am sure that there are a few others too.


Let me know if you decide to go, we could meet up. :innocent:

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I'll be doing a week or two at the Place, no doubt. This year was excellent and brought my dancing on a treat. I would really recommend them as you can pick and choose which classes to do and you can really tailor the course to your needs.

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Does the Place offer classical ballet courses? I have looked at the website but I only see contemporary classes.

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I'm going to try to go to LSC this year... I applied last year but pulled out due to lack of funds and the situation at Kings Cross wasn't good at the time.


Kitty, let me know which one you are going to! I will definitely be up for joining you :innocent:

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Yes, they do three different levels of classical ballet for evening classes as well as the intensives. They also do a 'ballet fusion' course at the intensives which I think I'll try next year. This summer there was a four week programme - you can do any classes for any number of weeks. It is really good.


They also do an Easter intensive.

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I'm planning on doing a SI too, I'm just not sure which one. There are so many! In the USA or England.

I'd love to go to ENgland (although it's a bit more expensive than USA).

But I think I have to decide fast...

But if I decide to go there too, can I meet you too? :D

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JennyKaye, I will be going for the first week hopefully and I look forward to meeting you there! It will be nice to have someone close to my age!


Layla if you decide to come to England you are more than welcome to meet me in London!

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Kate_B - What is your personal assessment of Levels at The Place? I have a friend who did a one-year course there and enjoyed the contemporary, but would have liked more challenging ballet. I would really appreciate your thoughts, as it's one of the places that take some of us 'older' folk into their programmes!





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Ami, I don't think I'm as advanced as you so I find the levels for ballet just right - level 2 is really comfortable, and level 3 is quite challenging. But I never got beyond RAD Elementary level and I'm not hugely confident, so they're just about right for me. Their ballet is designed to be a compliment to the contemporary so it's not very strict, although the level 3 ballet class is more classical than the other ballet classes.


I love The Place - all the teachers are fabulous and make an effort to get to know you and help you, and there are fantastic musicians who accompany all the classes. The studios are really nice too.

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