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Does flexibility "peak"?


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The good news is that I am told my 14 yo DD has great proportions and long, lovely limbs. The year-after year bad news is she has very tight hamstrings and tendons the whole back length of her legs. She has been stretching religiously and definitely has seen improvement over the past year, finally getting her splits and decent extensions. But is there a developmental stage where the body can no longer really improve flexibility?

She has just hit puberty (one slight mentrual period at the end of the summer) and she probably is within an inch or so of her full height. ( she is now about 5'5"& around 105 lbs.) She and I know she will never have fabulous flexibility, and maintaining what she has will always be a battle. But does anyone out there know of a slow, steady success story that started with a similar

scenario? :innocent:

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It's a familiar story. Many, dare I say most, dancers experience a steady learning curve and physical conditioning up to the beginning of serious adolescence (usually marked by menarche in girls). Suddenly, flexibilily wanes, and other qualities adjust to fit the changing body. The ability to develop flexibility continues on to about age 25, and after that, it's all maintenance.

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