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hey guys i just started learning fouette turns and i stink at them! i can barely do one fouette!!! this frusterates me so much! please help me and tell me:::


1. How to do them (just so i know im doing it right/wrong)

2. Any tricks on how to do it

3. What it should feel like

4. How many should the avg. 13 yr old be able to do?

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First, some important questions: Have you been given fouettés as class material? How are your pirouettes? Considered one way, fouettés are pirouettes with an alternate preparation! Are you able to do several successive relevés on one foot without moving the ball of the foot? Can you do a demi-grand rond de jambe en l'air without twisting the body or raising the hip in à la seconde? These are all issues which have to be addressed before we can start answering the "how-to" questions. As to how many fouettés a 13-year-old should be able to do, that is a very broad field, and not really properly answerable.

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Guest pink tutu379

i just learned how to do fouettes about 4 months ago and i can do alot consdering i hope once between some. so as far as mine there not so good but if u just learned how to do it then just keep working on them and im sure youll be on your way!

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fouettes are really hard to do, and being thirteen even attempting them is hard fouettes and turns a la second are all about learning your placement. They just take time, trust me you'll get them

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We are still awaiting an answer to Mr. Johnson's questions for the original poster here. Hold off on your thoughts until we know a bit more about this dancer.

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