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Ahh, this girl in school....


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ugh! what should i do! she brags about her dancing and she like dances in front of people (well if you call putting your arms in KIND OF a fifth position and doing a bad turn dancing...) just to get there attention! i really dont think shes that good of a dancer (btu ive never really seen her dance) and it makes me so mad! becuase then everyone knows her as "shes a really good dancer!!'' and they have never seen her really dance and they dont know that i dance too!!!! what should i do!? ((oh yeah and i dance 6 days a week and she dances 3 days a week alsO!))



HELP ME!!! :blushing::):thumbsup:

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Maybe she is a good dancer.. and does it really matter what "they" think??? I would just be like.. what ever

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Hello dwcgirl, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.


Since your topic is not about technique or performance, I'm afraid that it is not really appropriate for this forum. I am going to close the topic, but I will offer you just a bit of advice, and that would be to not waste your time worrying about someone else and what they are doing or saying or how others are reacting. Spend your time on your own work and improvement . Ballet is not about petty teenage behavior, it is about the work of becoming a good dancer. There are difficult people everywhere in life. Learn to ignore and not waste your time on them.

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