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Guest afroballet01

They aren't.


Flat shoes are completely a personal preference.It also depends on the type of floor you are using.




- Has a lighter feel

- Is cheaper

- Doesn't stick to/squeak on marley floor as much

- Can be too slippery on wood

- Is washable

- May get holes faster (esp. on wood floors)

- Shows off your arch better




- Is more expensive

- Cannot be washed

- Gets smellier

- Keeps your feet warmer

- Works your feet harder (supposedly)

- Looks better on stage


I may have forgotten so key points,but I think I got most of the major ones.

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Very good job, afroballet. :yes: You are absolutely right about it being a personal preference, and the floor differences, and the fact that one is not better than the other.

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Not to hijack this thread or anything but I have a question, why exactly does leather shoes stick to marley floors? :blushing: I have leather shoes right now and I'm constantly sticking to the marley. It makes turns and pirouettes awful! :shrug:

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