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Staying in Shape While Injured and Sitting Out

Guest Dance_Like_This

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It depends on what the injury is. Some of them, you don't even want to be stretching. We have several threads currently active on this forum where the advice was "Stop! Don't do anything!" It could make returning to class much more difficult if the injury is aggravated during a hiatus.

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Our dancers are required to watch classes when injured, and take notes. :D

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(disclaimer: I'm 17, so feel free to delete)


I'm one of the "stop don't do anything!" cases that Mr. Johnson is refering to. I've been out of a month yesterday and will be out for at least another two weeks. Its hard to go from being so active to not being able to do anything but you have to give your body time to heal. Right now, I have PT four times a week during part of my ballet classes so I'm not able to go to them but on the days when I don't have PT, I'm also required to go to class and take notes.

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On the corrections, and what you see in terms of the dancers who get them and those who don't. On the things that strike you, or that you learn from watching. Sometimes also good to write down the combinations, and then learn them even if just marking and doing the port de bras.

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