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I've been in the ballet blahs latley. Just not really in the mood to go to class. Even though I am improving latley and having a decent time. It's just that class is so far away (about 30-40 min each way) and my day job is so demanding, not to mention the cost of it. 3-5x per week at $15 per class, the cost of clothes and shoes, and not to mention NY gas prices. And of course the time commitment. It's not that I can't make it to class....and I don't really mind driving....and I can in fact afford it because I don't currenty pay rent and I am childless. But there are days that I'm like....WHY am I doing this????? I don't want to quit and I'm still totally obsessed. It's just that I need to be reminded sometimes of why I'm putting so much energy, time, and money into it. Does anyone ever feel this way? Is this normal? What gets you "out of it?"

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Guest Dancing Duranie

Yeah, I was like that for about two weeks. Finally snapped out of it this week. I don't know what was different about this week as opposed to the previous two. I also have a 30 min. drive each way to class and a demanding day job.


I keep going back because it's my escape. It's the one place where I can go inside of myself and find a totally peaceful and happy person. And sometimes that even comes out in the dancing.

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kellylynn, some time ago someone on this board (sorry, I forget who and where :shrug:) said that when you feel down, it might be better to give yourself a leave for a certain period of time, and then go back, than just keep thinking that you should go and feeling bad and/or skipping classes.


I've found that helps. The beginning of the month I was totally down with my ballet. I did not stop completely, but gave myself until the end of this month to take less classes if I felt like it and to try out new classes and to generally fool around with the schedule. Now I feel much better and I think I have found the classes I want to take and I'll be going back with new will next week.


Maybe you just need a vacation, too?

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Yeah, this isnt the first time I've felt that way. It always comes back. Although, I'm not sure what actually causes it. Maybe its the colder weather and the lazyness it brings. I was never good at "sticking with things" and I've stuck with this thus far. So I know that deep down it's something I want to continue doing.

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