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Cincinnati Ballet's New Works Festival 11/10-12


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Here is a link to an article about Cincinnati ballet's new works festival.



Tango49's son is dancing in it and Restorm's DD instructor is one of the choreographers presenting a new piece. I believe her DD danced it at a festival for its premier.


DD and I will try and get to it, unfortunately the timing is difficult.

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DD didn't dance this piece. She is dancing another piece choreographed by her teacher at an upcoming festival. This particular piece was also entered and will be performed at the same festival.

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Dd, hubby and I made it to the New Works Festival last night, the closing performance. I am NOT a reviewer (or even very good at my ballet terminology), but I can give you "The Appeciative but Unsophistocated Mom Report". :innocent:


New Works was eight short pieces, independent of one another, all in premiere, either in Cincinnati or the world. Tango49's son danced with 3 other men on "Enrage", choreographed by Kirk Peterson. The music was upbeat, and the one word that comes to mind is "geometric" -- lots of shapes, clean lines.


The second piece, "Duet", was choreographed by Viktor Kabaniaev. This was an amazing demonstration of strength and control as the couple performed many poses and positions that required trust and balance.


The third, "Kiss Me, I'm Quirky" by Cincinnati Ballet's Kelly Ann Sloan, was a delight -- a spoof of romance, dance...and a well-placed "stagehand".


"On the Edge of Silence", choreographed by Luca Veggetti, was very, very contemporary. It was in 3 parts, the first almost a silent Oriental swordfight. Much of the movement throughout was made "in between" the low, stark music.


"Cuatro Suite", choreographed by Jay Goodlet, another Cincinnati Ballet dancer, was a pas de quatre with 4 women in colorful costumes, danced to classical guitar. It was an expression of "moods" as inteprepted by the choregrapher.


Choreographer Sarah Slipper created "A Fine Balance," a fascinating pas de deux danced with a sturdy table and chair as much a part of the work as the dancers. This was the story of a relationship of the couple, with all the changes that occur over time. The furniture almost mimicked their story -- together when they were, or shoved apart during times of trouble.


Devon Carney, Cincinnati Ballet's ballet master, re-set Le Corsaire pas de deux after Petipa's work. This lovely classical excerpt (complete with tutu!) was clean and a joy to watch (dd kept count of all those turns!) but a little jarring, in the midst of the other, starker contemporary works that were the remainder of the program.


Finally, "Blue Rondo" again choreographed by Devon Carney to the music of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, was a wonderful way to end the performance -- in this piece, 4 couples danced happily to the very complex music.


We came away from the performance, excited to see the dancers we've watched in more classical repertoirre. They are so strong!! This collection of pieces really stretched them...we were impressed.

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msd...Thanks so much for taking the time to post your thoughts on the evening. I'm glad that you left with a sense of anticipation to see these dancers again in a more classical setting (Swan Lake in Feb. perhaps!)


I think all of these ballets were fun as well as interesting to dance (they did 12 performances in all)...and it sounds as if they didn't show any signs of exhaustion on that last evening! As you must know they even had to add on a second weekend by popular demand so I think it was a success for everyone involved. Thanks again for posting!...Tango

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I am so glad that you got to the New Works and wrote a review here. I had hoped we would get to it, but between rehearsals, work, and getting ahead on homework the weekend was over booked.


It sounds like it was a wonderful show. We just have to get out more.

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