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The November Decisions List....


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Just because I felt like it.


I've decided that when I finish my dissertation I'm going to act like a youngster again - do nothing but sleep and drink and party. And I'm ignoring my body which is saying that I can't handle it. Being in the office until all hours is starting to freak me out and doing wierd things to my psyche... not to mention my back, wrists, head... argh.


(And to finish, I should probably spend less time on ballettalk! :wink::wink: )


Have thus also decided to cut back on some ballet viewing. Which I'm having a hard time dealing with. :)


And, I've decided that now that half-term in England is over, I am so excited to have a full schedule of classes again. They are what keep me sane, organised, balanced, and recharged. (And, since I don't have a life anymore, and I now live on the same street as my office... it's good to 'get out'!!!).

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I decided to switch from doing my masters part time to full time, but I don't know if they'll let me. If they do, I'll have less time for everything, but I will try not to let my dancing suffer, as I already spend 50 hours a week at work in an office which makes my neck and arms sore...


Why are you going to see dance less? Is it so you can afford better seats?

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I have actually recently decided to withdraw from my doctoral program. I have been in school since I was four, and I just need a break now that I am in my 30th year. It's a pretty radical move, but I look forward to living a more balanced life. The reason for withdrawing is that I just recently got my "dream job" counseling college students. If I were to continue in my program, I would have to quit this job in a year to do my internship and dissertation. I'm just not interested in that.


Recently, while psychologically "trying on" the possibility of withdrawing from my doctoral program, I have been shocked by how it has impacted my dancing. My body just feels so much lighter and relaxed in class (even though I have put on a few pounds), and I am able to stay focused so much more easily. Adult dancers sure do carry some heavy burdens into class sometimes.

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This is slightly hijacking the topic, but it's never too soon to start thinking about New Year resolutions (which anyway blocks out the December nightmare of present-buying/food shopping etc etc). Over the years New Year came to feel very depressing to me, but 2 years ago I resolved to take more ballet classes (and have gone from 1 to 3 or 4 a week) then last year resolved to take a photograph a day with my new digital camera. These were much, much, better than the kind of resolution that makes you think about how ill-disciplined/greedy/disorganised you are. But how shall I follow up this year? Something creative, spiritually nourishing, enjoyable - so I can stick to the resolution. All suggestions gratefully received, although acting like a young person again already sounds a pretty good one.

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dianec--how did the resolution to take a picture a day work out? What are you going to do with the pictures? I am still trying to figure out how to manage/enjoy my digitals.


hart--That sense of relief is often a sign that you've made the decision that's right for you.


ami-You might find that more "outside" stuff to maintain balance leads to less time but more productivity in the office...unless you're in a last-minute push of some sort. I do remember those dissertation-writing days...


Alas, my November decisions so far are revolving around a cold that walloped me yesterday. It should end like clockwork by next week, and then I can think big thoughts. For now it's more like "should I try to get through a whole day of work? What about class? What about the tickets for a performance I have for tomorrow night?" So mundane.

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Alas, my November decisions so far are revolving around a cold that walloped me yesterday.  It should end like clockwork by next week, and then I can think big thoughts.  For now it's more like "should I try to get through a whole day of work? What about class?  What about the tickets for a performance I have for tomorrow night?"  So mundane.




I am going through the same thing as you with the cold! Do you ever feel like sometime your ideas and aspirations are somehow grander when you don't have the energy to do anything with them? It is so frustrating to me! But for now, I will jot things in my notebooks and rely on nonstop fluids to get me through this cold. :pinch:

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Hi All -


Well, dianec, I thought of this topic because it *is* New Years! Today is Diwali, so tomorrow is our new year. So, Happy Diwali and Sal Mubarak (Happy New Year!) everyone. :blink: I'm trying to decide if it's sad to have a glass of wine on my own or not.... Am always a bit homesick on Diwali. For anyone who is observing Ramadan - Eid Mubarak for later this week. :green:


Am seeing less ballet mainly because of time reasons - it takes time to travel to and from London, and I go quite often. Usually I'm quite good and wake up early to work during the day, and then sleep on the bus (the bus is MUCH cheaper than train, and drops me off at a walkable spot... but the drivers are hit and miss - so I can't always read on them). I want to finish this year, and I'm in good position to - am revising chapters (the only one not written is the conclusion), but I do have to be focused. But koshka is right - the outside activities do help me focus. I'm still going to go to the ballet, but a bit less often, and have tried to make ballet days on the weekend... and I'm still going to class a lot - which totally helps me focus and concentrate - I have something to look forward to or schedule around.


Hart - I envy your decision! Parts of me think that I should have withdrawn from the course a while ago, but then I have days like today where everything seems so interesting and I'm so glad I'm doing it. And it's so close too - and the prize for finishing is to move somewhere where I can dance more!!!! Woo hoo! (If anyone wants to offer me a job, heck, I'm lookin'!!!)


Dianec, I really like your 'one thing a day' type resolution. Or even one thing a week. Have to think about that.


And koshka and ashatnyu, get well soon!!! :pinch:

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Happy Diwali to Ami and all others celebrating today. I wondered why I saw so many fireworks on my way home this evening. My school is in a part of west london with a wonderfully large asian community. :pinch:

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