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I know that most ballet companies are promoting new modern works every year. I would like to be a professional dancer when I get to that age, but I am skeptical with modern works. I love the classics especially Le Corsaire and Giselle. Does anyone know any ballet companies that are still mostly classical ballet? Any information would be great.


Thank you, Lindsey

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Remember, ballets like La Sylphide and Giselle and even Don Quixote were once upon a time New and Revolutionary! (Bournonville HATED Don Q! "All those acrobatics!") In the modern age we've had Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella join the canon. All ballet companies try new things in order that the art may be preserved by finding new audiences, and the experienced audiences pleased by the standards.


If you've been classically trained, relax. If you learn that, you can learn almost anything else, too.

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Probably the company with the most classical rep is ABT here in the USA.


After that, most companies have a mix of contemporary & classical. It probably won't hurt you to take some modern and jazz classes.

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in my personal experience, i would be surprised if there were any companies that do strictly classical rep, save a pre-professional school or something. most everyone does something contemporary, albeit, some more contemporary than others. don't worry, it's nothing a jazz or modern (even tap...rodeo anyone?) class can fix. you just have to get comfortable with other types of movement. my husband and i are former bunheads...branching out has made dancing so much more enjoyable...not to mention the fact that a director is more likely to hire you if you can move in various ways. auditions for companies, especially the bigger ones, consist of more than just a ballet class...usually they will have you do some rep, which isn't always le corsaire. merde!

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Alabama Ballet has mostly classical ballets. Well for this season at least. I would actually also like to join a company that is mostly classic repretoire, or stories with classical ballet like Alice in Wonderland, or something like that. I'm not saying all classical, but I prefer it to the modern works.

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Canadian Pacific Ballet Copmpany in Victoria, BC is a strictly Classical and Romantic Ballet Company. For more information on the company go to their website at www.canadianpacificballet.org

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The Moscow Classic Ballet does strictly classical and romantic ballet.

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if you are looking for companies in states


colorado ballet has very classical rep.

although all companies have few modern, contemporary works


if you are looking for companies outside the us,

royal ballet has modern works but mostly classical rep

most of russian companies

vienna staatsoper and etc..


if you are still young you minght become to like modern works over the years

i only liked classical when i was young but now i love both!!!

i hope i was able to help :blushing:

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Wow I wrote this post so long ago! I'm a little more mature about contemporary works. As long as they have quality and are relatable, I don't mind, and even love, them. Classical is still my favorite though, they are the classics for a reason!

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It's interesting to see how we grow, isn't it? :)

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