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?????Demi-pointe shoes???????

Guest theskysthelimit

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Guest theskysthelimit

What exactly is a demi-pointe shoe and can anyone reccomend a good pair? My dance teacher said I should try a pair, and I don't know the first thing about them!!@!!!!!

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knock, knock


There've been a couple threads on this, so you might be able to find something useful from those:


Demi-pointe Shoes

(enter "demi pointe shoes" into the search engine to get a couple more)


but basically, demi-pointes (also known as soft blocks or pre-pointe shoes) are pointe shoes without the shank. They may be useful in strengthening your feet as they offer more resistance than canvas slippers and also to get used to the feeling of a blocked shoe.


There are several brands of demi-pointe shoes out there (Bloch, Sansha, etc.) so it is best to get fitted at your local dance store to get the best fit possible. If you're on pointe already, some girls prefer to take the shanks out of their old, worn shoes to make the demi-pointes.


Hope that helps!

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Guest lovinballet14

I would not get Freed if I were you. I got them for my first pair, and they are so broken in and dead even for a demi-pointe shoes. I would suggest Bloch, I am quite pleased with them. Except that my feet are so narrow they are still a little too wide. :flowers: Good Luck!

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I took Pre-pointe for about four years, it really helps to keep you from getting shocked when you get up on pointe, it is really great. As far as what shoes to get...I always liked Capezio demi-pointes because they are narrow and I have a narrow foot! Also, they are super soft so don't try to "Break them in" and when they are soft DON"T get rid of them...they will make you so much stronger. I always killed my pre-pointe shoes after a day and I had to wear them for like 2 or 3 more months and it really helped!

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Guest coppelia

I never took pre-pointe, but I certainly wish I had, it would have made the transition from soft shoe to hard much easier. Listen to your teacher, she knows what she's talking about. ;)

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