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Washing delicate garments


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hi everyone,

well i have an extremely delicate costume, which is shear white fabric covered in hundreds of sequins. The sequins are dotted on so that you can still see the white material underneath. And last night I accidently spilt barbeque sauce all on it (I wasn't wearing it and eating or anything, i just dropped it).

I've soaked it + tried to rub it gently with washing powder but it's not coming all the way out. I can't machine wash it because it's so delicate, but is there anything else I can do? Or will it stain?

Thanks in advance.

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Here in the states we have a product called "OxyClean" which, when dissolved in a small bucket of cold water, is pretty useful at soaking out stains. I've had good luck with it - you may need to let the costume soak for several hours in the bucket -

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If it is white, how about a bleach pen. Clorox makes a great one for spot bleaching which controls the area it is applied to.


Also, try baking soda.

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How about "Vanish"?


they are packaged bright pink and they come in all sort of different forms - spray, powder, stick, you name it.

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ok thanks guys, i will try vanish or oxy clean. i think bleach will be too risky as the sequins are silver. lesson learnt though......never play with barbeque sauce round costumes!!! :bouncing:

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