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Guest ScarletRose14

Hey all, I am new to this board, so I'm not quite sure how everything works yet. Anyway, I need help! I have auditions in two weeks for the Sleeping Beauty. I am not on pointe yet, though I have been dancing ballet for three years (I am turning 17 in a few days) I really need some help with my double piqué exicuted on my right leg. I can't seem to get around two full times! I have no problem making it one-and-a-half times around, but for some reason I cannot seem to get around that half of a turn. What can I do? I am unsure as to how I get my force to turn. I can do double pirouette's either direction easily, I know that you get your "push" from begining in demi plié, but I know that you DO NOT begin a piqué in demi plié.


Also, I need some help spotting when doing a double in-the-way pirouette. I can seem to almost make it around twice when I suddenly find myself loosing my ballence and having to "hop" the turn the rest of the way around. What can I do to fix this in two weeks? My teacher has told me that both the double piqué and double pirouette's will be major turning points in the way the auditions go. Thank you for your help!!


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Hello ScarletRose14, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers B)


Unfortunately, two weeks is not a lot of time to learn technique that takes years. And, we can't see you to know what is happening with your turns. It could be so many things, and we would be guessing. However, I will make a couple of suggestions for you.


First, on the piqué turns, be sure that you ARE pushing off from a good demi plié! All piqué actions are actually a reaction to the motivating movement, which is a plié. Combine that with the force of the back muscles coming around, a good spot, and make sure the piqué leg continues to REVOLVE.


For double pirouettes you must be sure that you are continuing upward, and not thinking it's over before it's over. Get that SECOND spot in and don't start down in the middle of the second turn.

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