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DVD/Videos: Ballet Russes

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Not sure if this link is in another thread or not but it tells a lot about the film...





Be sure to sign up for the DVD on this website, it will not be widely available in stores.




ps I know I stated it in my other post but I thought it more wise to reply directly to this post which has a link to their website.

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Tiny Dancer

I have been waiting for the release of this movie in the San Diego area and can't find it anywhere. Our family ( 3 of 4 dancing) had the perfect rain filled weekend to see this film. I wonder what happened?



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This film had a very short run here in the Washington area and probably elsewhere as well.


It will be out on DVD in the fall, I think.

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Can someone post here when they see this film released on DVD (or when maybe Blockbuster might get it in?)


We missed seeing this in our local theatres here in Irvine when it was out (I think last Fall?), and I still want to try to catch it on DVD because I've heard so many good reviews on this film (including reviews written by non-ballet fans).


Thanks!! :D

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Tiny Dancer

Hi Everyone,


I have a link which lists the nationwide distribution of this film currently in the US. I would call the cinemas listed in this link before heading to the movie because it appers some dates have been cut short. Hope this helps!



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The film is going to be shown at a beautiful theater in my town soon. I can't wait. When I saw the postcared I thought it was an actual Ballet Russes performance, but was equally delighted when I found out it is a documentary.


I became a bit infatuated with the Ballet Russes drama in dance history classes - will be eager to see some footage!



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Victoria Leigh

Thank you for this information! I was not able to see the film in the theatre, and really would like to have it.

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I pre-ordered, so my copy should be turning up in our mailbox anytime! I missed it in theaters too, and am eager to see it. I heard only good things about the film from friends who saw it when it played locally.


One of my son's teachers appears briefly in the film...we are excited to see if we will be able to spot her.

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There has been quite a discussion about this DVD on the Dance Movies thread, if you're interested. It's an amazing film, very informative and very moving.

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Guest tutuonmymind

I rented this video from Blockbuster this past weekend. I truly enjoyed it. It was wonderfully done. I learned so much about the history of ballet from many aspects. I highly recommend it.

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I am happy to say that I just received Ballet Russe in the mail through Blockbuster Movies! We have this thing, kind of like netflix, where you can get videos and in the mail. I was so surprised to get Ballet Russe! Has anyone seen this movie? I have seen it once but I will surely watch it again! :P

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Yeah I saw it a couple months ago. It was a pretty good documentary. It was funny to compare ballet from back then to now. Can you believe that the 13 and 14 year olds were doing the lead roles in the ballets???

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No I cannot imagine 13 and 14 year olds doing lead roles! That would be me doing lead roles! Ha-ha that's a funny thought.

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