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This is a dance program which is modern based but the Herberger College of Fine Arts is so impressive it's worth a few words. Fine ballet classes are offered and Ballet Arizona is very nearby. Pointe classes are encouraged at Ballet Az.,and the school is looking to expand their ballet. Although my daughter was concerned about such a modern based program she came away smitten.The faculty is exciting and excited about their program. There's lots of performance opportunity, lots of arts and community involvement. The whole Fine Arts area of buildings (the music,art museum,theater) were eye-candy unbelievable. I was surprised at how beautiful the campus is-not what I expected. It's a huge school but layed out so buildings are close together. Very walkable. Big green trees and the tallest palms and cactus.I had heard of the reputation as a party school (no wonder-it's too gorgeous here)but found the students bright and hard working.The town of Tempe is a wonderful place to live,Phoenix is growing(artswise),galleries galore in very nearby Scottsdale. Not a bad place to spend several years!

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More info about ASU from a dance department staff member. Yes, the program IS modern-based but offers 4 levels of ballet and pointe. And the admissions rep in my area has told me Ballet Arizona is about 10 miles from campus, in the event supplementary classes might be taken. B-AZ has adult courses from beginning to advanced, offered days & evenings, according to their website.

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My daughter has been accepted here as a non-dance major. Any comments on non-majors taking ballet--can you audition in the fall for placement, and what have your experiences been with classes? Thanks for the feedback! :unsure:

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This is a competitive modern based program but I was so impressed by this school(dance).You can call and ask.

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Sorry I missed this thread, earlier -- posting for future readers -- the Adams Ballet Center of Mary Moe Adams is very close to the campus, right in Tempe. Mrs. Adams is a wonderful teacher, highly accomplished in the RAD method. Her professional dancers include Bonnie Moore (ABT, Barishnikov's partner in White Oak Project, and Royal Ballet) and Holly Cruikshank (Broadway musicals including "Contact" and "Movin' Out." She has had several men go on to professional careers, as well. With no offense intended to BAZ's school, as between the two, I would send my ASU student to Mary.

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I don't know anything about Ballet Arizona's school, but I can second the recommendation of Ms. Adams. She produces very beautifully trained dancers.

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Oh -- and I would be remiss in not bringing up Yen-Li Chen. She was an exquisite dancer when with AZ Ballet, and retired at the top of her game to run a studio and have (another) child. She teaches Vaganova. While a bit unproven, my guess would be that she would be an excellent teacher. Her studio is in Chandler, just a bit south of ASU.


Another studio to check out is Jeanne's, in Mesa, which is the school of Ballet Etudes. It, too, is not far from the campus.


It would be fun to check them out!

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Do we have anyone here that is a current or recent past student at ASU? This college wasn't even on DD's radar until they made a visit to her high school. The person she spoke with told her that ASU has a "great" dance dept. and she came home wanting to learn more. Lord knows, I 'm not sure if I can make it through another college app. , but I'm sure willing to try! So, just looking for some firsthand feedback on this program. Positives, negatives....Thank you!

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ASU is modern based. If you are looking for a ballet based program, ASU would not be it.


We checked out ASU thoroughly 2 years ago. They were very keen on recruiting dd.

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I'm looking into this college for myself and was wondering if there is anybody recent that attended or is attending and what are your thoughts on it? Or if you have a son or daughter attending.


Any information on it would be absolutely wonderful!

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